Files & Folders

Item Product Price
10 x Exacompta A4 Ringbinder 2-Ring Binder 54929E Assorted Colours R3KX# £14.00
25 x Elba Poly Pro Ultimate Suspension Files Foolscap 30mm Base 100333171 V1SJ# £49.95
Leitz 4203 Premium Soft Click Ringbinder A4 White 4-D Ring Binder 69mm T4HW# £7.00
10 x Fellowes 00791-FF Bankers Box System Archive Boxes 262 x 338 x 476mm N5KB# £24.00
Office depot Transfer Case Fall Front Storage Box File Black 4881744 P3VW# £10.00
25 x Guildhall Mauve Foolscap Spring Coil Transfer Files 349-MVEZ T1AX# £19.00
30 x A4 Office/School Ringbinders MIxed Colours/Styles 2/4 Ring Binders P-432a# £10.95
Job Lot 800 x Foolscap Square Cut Folders Assorted Colours R2BA# £34.00
50 x Exacompta Guildhall Foolscap Document Wallet File Holders Violet V2NY# £7.00
50 x Foolscap Document Spring Coil Files 285gsm Orange 6054498 V2DD# £28.75
25 x Guildhall Pocket Spiral Spring Document Files Green Foolscap 211/9062Z V1WT £22.75
50 x Guildhall Transfer Spring Coil Files Foolscap Orange 348-ORGZ P2AC# £38.75
25 x Guildhall Spiral Spring Foolscap Document Files Blue 211/7000Z N3GB# £33.75
25 x Esselte 6083 Plastic Cut Flush A4 Copysafe Folder Red P4PQ# £4.00
25 x Esselte 60836 Plastic Cut Flush A4 Copysafe Folder Yellow P4TF# £4.00
5 x Office Depot 3-Flap A4 Blue Polypropylene Folders 1429475 320 x 245mm P3BE# £4.00
Concord Index A4 Poly A-Z Red 65608 A5MZ# £3.00
25 x Office Depot Spring Coil Pocket File Foolscap Blue Manila 6054417 V2TC# £18.95
50 x A4 Document Wallets Orange Manila 24 x 32.4cm M2AA# £11.95
Black Metal Foolscap / A4 Filing Box + 5 Suspension Files S5KH# £13.95
20 x Sets Concord Unpunched A4 5-Part Presentation Divider Assorted 75999 V3KN# £3.95
25 x Gulidhall Transfer Spiral Spring Pocket Files Buff Foolscap 211/9061Z P2EC# £26.75
50 x Exacompta Full Flap Foolscap Document File Wallets Blue 35mm PW2-BLUZ P5EF# £13.75
50 x Foolscap Document Spring Coil Files 285gsm Red 6054552 U2GB# £28.95
100 x Exacompta Super A4 Square Cut Document File Holders 210gsm 330005E P4CG# £8.75
Pack of 12 Blue Plastic Letter Tray WX10052 A9JA# £8.95
Box of 10 Avery INF3BG Infinity Magazine Rack 80x315x260mm Dark Grey/Blue A6HX# £9.99
2 x Deflecto Executive Magazine File Rack - Black M3LY# £4.95
10 x L'Oblique Polyprop A4 Lateral Suspension Files 50mm Depth Blue U2JZ# £21.75
25 x Green A4 Suspension Files 15mm Wide Base Linkable ND978122 T6AF# £11.00
50 x Heavyweight A4 Document Wallet File Folders Buff 285gsm 6056118 N2AE# £9.75
50 x Heavyweight Foolscap Document Wallet File Folders 250gsm Red 6056802 N2AK# £10.75
A4 Poly Divider Book With Index Card, Black, 6 Tabs V4ZA# £2.00
50 x Guildhall Heavyweight Foolscap Document Wallet Folders Red GDW1-REDZ S2NB# £13.95
50 x Heavyweight Foolscap Document Wallet Files 285gsm Red 6055956 S2NC# £8.75
50 x Foolscap Document Spring Coil Files 285gsm Green 6054534 M5HB# £34.95
25 x Guildhall Foolscap Transfer Spring Files + Pocket Blue 349-BLUZ V1EY# £23.75
10 x DURABLE 806119 295x25mm Filefix Self Adhesive Filing Strips V4BE# £1.90
50 x Guildhall Transfer Spring Coil Files Foolscap Blue 348-BLUZ U2BZ# £38.75
10 Pack Rhino A4 School Exercise Books 64 Page 10mm Squared VEX 677-3605 U2FB# £8.75
Black Plastic Modular Book Rack Niceday ND182388 Office Storage M2QZ# £36.95
8 x Clear Poly Storage Box Drawers 135 x 226 x 343mm - Stackable M1EB# £13.95
50 x Foolscap Size Spring Coil Files 285gsm Pink 6054516 V2JC# £34.95
50 x Heavyweight Flat Bar Foolscap Document File Folders Blue 5888448 S3DA# £38.75
50 x Foolscap Size Spring Coil Files 285gsm Blue 6054543 U2FA# £30.75
100 x Buff Manilla Square Cut Folders Foolscap 180gsm 6053679 P5BM# £7.00
50 x Home Office Foolscap Lateral Suspension Files Breen 978125 V1EB# £28.75
Leitz 15783 Filing Strips For A4 Plastic Pack Of 25 Transparent A5IF# £2.95
10 x Exacompta A4 Ringbinders 4-Ring Binders Assorted Colours 51929E S3KP# £13.95
12-Part Organiser A4 Expanding File Blue Office Depot 6054633 P5UF# £2.95
Job Lot 44 x Assorted A4 Lever Arch Files And Ringbinders M2EZ# £33.95
Pack Of 5 x Elba Black N' Red A4 Executive Popper Snap Wallets V1FQ# £3.95
10 x Elba Classy A4+ Ringbinders 2-O Ring Binder 20mm Spine M6BJ# £11.95
Job Lot 350 x Pink Foolscap (A4) Document Wallets 250gsm 6056766 N5HL# £23.95
5 x Concord Purple Polypropylene A4 Ringbinder 2-D Ring Binder 25mm Spine V3DA# £10.00
Card Index Box CP011VKBLU 250 Cards Blue Fits 5" x 3" Cards, T2HB# £2.00
5 x Pukka Pad Executive Pink Polypropylene A4 Ringbinder 2-D Ring Binder V3DB# £10.00
5 x Concord Blue Polypropylene A4 Ringbinder 2 O-Ring Binder 25mm Spine V3DZ# £6.95
5 x Concord Clear/White Polypropylene A4 Lever Arch File 70mm Spine V3GK# £14.00
Pack 50 x GBC 4400449 Print & Click Professional Presentation Covers Black T1AE# £7.00
Job Lot 100 x A3 Durable Pagna Lucy Green PP Elasticated Document Folders F3JA## £43.95
Elba Student Stationery Pack A4 Ringbinder, Dividers, Punched Pockets, Pad R2JA# £3.00
20 x Poly A4 10-Pocket Display Books Blue R2AA# £12.00
10 x Proactive X Spine 626205 Lever Arch File Foolscap 70mm Cap. Poly Blue Q5UX# £34.00
20 x A4 Home Office 75mm Grey Lever Arch Files 500-Sheet Capacity P-533# £23.95
100 x Foolscap/A4 Square Cut Folders 250gsm Assorted Colours 6053463 V1HA# £9.00
Job Lot 4x Deflect-O Stackable Cube 2-Drawer Desktop Organiser Storage, N4GA# £23.95
100x GBC WireBind 34-Loop Wire Binding Elements Black 8mm RG810510, M3KC# £12.00
Box of 10 x IXL Foolscap Oblong Marble Lever Arch Files S6FB# £13.95
100 x Coloured Edge Punched Pockets A4 Open Top Polypropylene 9410410 P3UZ# £5.95
5 x Durable 257901 Duraplus Quotation Filing Folder Black PVC File P3FJ# £7.00
Durable Visifix Desk Top Business Card Flip File Index 2413/01 - Black T5JV# £23.95
Rotadex A4R7 Ring Binder Filing Rack Blue Up To 7 Folders R4DT# £23.95
25 x Foolscap Flat Bar Transfer Files + Pocket 250gsm Colour Choice....... £18.75
Pack of 25 x Office Spring Coil Files with Pocket 285gsm Blue - 6054485, S2TZ# £13.95
Guildhall T40 Loose-Leaf Visitors Book 3-Ring Binder - Blue T40Z T4GE# £18.75
JobLot 13 x Countertop/Wall Mount Literature Display Units 1/3 A4 DL/A5/A4 N1LY# £39.00
Pukka Polypropylene Stud Wallet/Pencil Case, DL Size, Blue Quantity Choice.... £2.00
Exacompta Harmonika Multipart File 25.3x34cm, 225gsm 24 Sections A-Z Black A6MA# £13.00
Job Lot of 5x A-Z Coloured Tab Expanding File Foolscap Document Storage T6BR# £23.95
50 x Durable 293919 Clear Polypropylene Report Covers A4 Folded P4QG# £9.00
Expanding File + Cloth Ties 16 Pockets A-Z Quarters 1-31 Foolscap/A4 Blue T2GA# £6.95
50 x Durable FileFix Maxi Self Adhesive Filing Strip 8070-19 T2JE# £9.50
Job Lots of 100 x A4 11 Hole Punched Pockets - Green, White & Blue Spines £2.49
25 x Rexel 12233 Nyrex Clear A4 Top Opening Punched Pockets Blue Strip P4XC# £11.54
25 x Top and Side Opening A4 Premium Punched Pockets White Spine S6SX# £1.95
25 x Top Opening Clear A4 Punched Pockets Green Spine S5EC# £1.95
Job Lot of 1700 x Top Opening Clear A4 Punched Pockets OXO-Biodegradable S1ED# £89.95
Job Lot Approx 1000 Mixed A4 Punched Pockets for Ring Binder / Lever Arch, N4TA# £24.95
10 x Exacompta Blue Presentation Ring Binder 4-Ring Binder M2HE# £18.95
25 x Guildhall Buff Manilla Probate Wallets 315gsm Foolscap 75mm PRW2-BUFZ V1JB# £11.75
25 x Buff Manilla Legal Document Wallets 76mm 450gsm Cloth Gussett V1YC# £28.75
Rexel Advance A4 2 Pocket Divider Multicolour Quantity Choice.... £2.45
50 x Guildhall Pink Foolscap Transfer Spiral File 348-PNKZ P1BX# £38.75
1000 x Exacompta 305Z Statement/Remittance 1-Part Continous (SE11) S3KZ# £7.00
50 x Elba Verticfile Suspension Files Foolscap V Base Blue 100331115 U2BZ# £42.45
25 x Rexel Home Office Suspension Files Foolscap 15mm Green Poly 70628 U3AY# £43.95
Job Lot 4 x Expanding Box File Foolscap Filing + A-Z Index Tabs Blue Q2SC# £24.00
2 x Black A3 Landscape Lever Arch File 80mm Spine Oblong 4856067 S2HW# £12.00
Job Lot 100x A3 Size Office Report Document Poly Files With Elastic Fasten F3JA £43.95

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