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100m Reel 2-Core Flexible White LSZH Cable 1mm 3182B H05Z1Z1-F Q3YB# £44.00
305m Reel Belden Security Audio Multi Core Shielded Cable 4-Core 18AWG Q3YZ# £190.00
100m Reel Tri-Rated 16AWG 1.5mm Hook Up Wire Orange PVC PP001258 Q3KK# £34.00
100m Reel Cat5e Outdoor Use Networking Cable 4-Pair Q3YC# £24.00
50m Reel H07RN-F Type 3-Core 4mm Mains Appliance Flex Cable Black Q3YA# £110.00
100m Reel Cat5e U / UTP Networking Cable 4-Pair 26AWG Black Q3KJ# £34.00
10m Reel H07RN-F Type 3-Core Black Rubber Mains Power Cable 1.5mm Q3GZ# £64.00
100m Reel Tri-Rated Switchgear Hoop Up Wire 0.75mm 20AWG Red Q3JT# £17.00
50m Reel 4-Core Round Mains Cable 10A Black 3184Y 1mm Q4KJ# £24.00
Diecast Aluminium Metal Enclosure 55 x 121 x 172mm IP54 459-0050 P3TR# £17.00
IP65 Waterproof Junction Box With Terminal Black V-TAC 3578 T1JW# £3.00
25 x Chicopee Veraclean I-Tack Super Cleaning Cloths 61 x 36cm Dust Wipes M1MZ# £2.95
100m Reel 1.5mm Tri-Rated Switchgear Cable Red 16AWG Wire Q4KD# £19.00
100m Reel 1.0mm Tri-Rated Switchgear Cable Black 18 AWG Wire Q4KF# £17.00
100m Reel 5-Core Multicore Cable Flexible LSZH 3183B 1.5mm Unscreened Q3GA# £44.00
100m 2.50mm Tri-Rated Switchgear Cable Red 14AWG Wire Q3KS# £34.00
Large Job Lot IP55 Glanded Enclosure Junction Box & Sealing Bushing S2PB# £49.99
100m Reel Coaxial Cable RG59U LOSH Braided Core Black Coax Q3KR# £14.00
21 Way Dual RCD Metal Consumer Unit, (7+8) PEL00453 Q2PL# £84.00
50m Reel H07RN-F Type 4-Core Rubber Cable Black 2.5mm Mains Appliance Flex Q3UC# £84.00
100m Reel 3 Core Round Mains Cable 3183Y 2.5mm PVC Black Q4GA# £84.00
N Crimp Plug, RG59 VN10-2031 By VITELEC A2MC# £2.95
30 Pack TKM-150 - Wire Marker, Book, Self-Laminating, 150mm x 25mm A2MY# £3.95
100m Reel 3-Core 1mm Flexible White Multicore Cable 3183Y H05VV-F Q3FV# £43.95
100m Reel 2-Core Loudspeaker Speaker Cable 1.5mm 16AWG Q4FB# £63.95
100m Reel Tri-Rated Switchgear Wire 2.5mm - Blue 14AWG T4EZ# £33.95
100M Single Core 2.5mm² Conduit Earth Cable 6491X Green/Yellow Q3YH# £23.75
100m 6491X Single Core 1.5mm² Grey Cable Conduit Wire Q4KE# £13.75
100m Reel 6491X Hook Up Wire 2.5mm Blue PVC 7-Strand T4EJ# £18.95
100m Reel Tri-Rated Switchgear Wire 2.50mm Black 14AWG T3PH# £33.95
Hellermanntyton Twist-In 25 Self Closing Braided PET Sleeve 19-25mm x 2m P5UB# £21.95
Knightsbridge LED3WB 3W 24V IP20 Ultra Thin Linear LED Light 300mm V4BF# £10.95
305m Reel Shielded Cat6 Network Cable PP7092 Grey S5LP# £83.95
USB 2.0 Active Repeater Lead - 20m Black By NewLink T3EJ# £16.95
2m Black Series Tour Grade 16-Pair Multicore Analogue Audio Cable VDC T4SP# £16.95
Blake UK SS/DISP100 Aerial Accessory Strapping Reel 100m M2GY# £8.95
100m Reel 1mm Round Mains Cable 5-Core 3185Y White Q4GD# £44.00
Stereo 3.5mm Jack Plug PSG01484 Black 3-Contacts Quantity Choice... £0.95
1 Gang 2 Way 10A Light Switch, Polished Stainless Steel / White Insert A2MU# £2.95
3 Hole Box, Size 3, Deep, Grey/Grey DE03D-A-GG-3 - MC02161 By HYLEC-APL A6AJ# £3.95
1G Telephone Master Socket Bushed Stainless Steel With Black Insert A5IQ# £2.95
Defender Security LCDNT20SHE Camera Dome 700TVL Vari - Internal Use A5IL# £11.95
45A DP Cook Switch And 13A Socket By Volex A4MT# £8.95
IP65 ABS Desktop Enclosure 219 x 140 x 58.5mm - Grey PP98G A4MJ# £7.95
Digitial Coaxial Cable 100U Black 50m - 100UBLK50M A4JC# £8.95
24mm - 38mm Expandable Braided Sleeving Black 10m - BRAID24-38 10M A4IG# £5.95
IP65 ABS Enclosure 170 x 170 x 75mm GR17012 - By CE-TEK A3AY# £3.95
Hylec Size 2 Standard Grey 2-Hole DE02S-A-GG-2 A3MN# £3.95
1 Gang Secondary Phone Socket VX3984PS By Volex A2AT# £2.95
100m Reel PF100 RG6 Digital TV Satellite Sky Coax Cable Wire Q3LV# £23.75
Dual RCD Metal Consumer Unit 13-Way 100a Switch CFDP18613 Q2QK# £74.00
Panduit Cable Tie, ID Marker Strap CM4S-L8 PE (Polyethylene) Grey, 50 Pack A1UO# £6.95
ABS Desktop Enclosure 220 x 140 x 56mm - PP84G By Evatron A1UI# £4.95
1 Gang TV Coaxial Socket With Polished Chrome Finish By Volex A1UH# £2.95
IP65 Modem Case 220 X 140 X 56MM - Black By Evatron PP70N A1SI# £3.95
20A 1 Gang DP Switch With Neon Satin Stainless Steel By Volex A1MS# £2.95
Volex 1 Gang Co-Axial TV Socket Flat Plate Stainless Steel A1MC# £2.95
100m BT Telephone Cable Extension Wire 2 Pair 4 Core / 3 Pair 6 Core Reel £0.99
1 Gang Phone Socket Secondary GB6:VX3984SS By Volex A1IY# £3.95
Cook Switch/Socket Flat Plate Polished Chrome Finish By Volex A1IX# £3.95
Transformer 5VA 12V 44231 By MYRRA A3JK# £2.95
Duratool D00125 Crimp Tool, Ratchet, Modular Plug Connectors A1VQ# £2.95
3 to 1 In-Line Mini HDMI Switch - PSG03135 A1UC# £11.95
IP65 Black ABS Desktop Enclosure 219 x 140 x 58.5mm - PP98N A1ID# £7.95
Job Lot 450 x D-Shackle M8 Hanging Hook, Building, Construction, Punch Bag V2RC# £139.95
CW Industrial Brass Cable Gland - Low Smoke M63 Small ACW63-LSF A6JN# £10.95
Locking IEC C14 Male To C13 Female Power Lead 2m - Black PC1021 A4DB# £1.95
100 x Self Adhesive "Tested For Electrical Safety" Labels, White 15 x 40mm A3EZ# £5.95
Bt Telephone Slave Socket, Polished Chrome/White Flat Plate 7783/HPC/WH A5IP# £5.95
IP65 ABS Enclosure 190 x 140 x 140mm - GR17015 Grey A1IE# £6.95
Advanced Volex 1G DP Switch 20A And Neon Polished Chrome A5JZ# £3.95
Pro Signal AV25246 ADAPTOR USB 3.0 TO VGA BPSCA PSG03940 V4EC# £7.00
100ft Reel Alpha Wire 6821 Hook Up Wire 26 AWG MPPE Blue 0.14mm P6GV# £15.00
IP65 ABS Enclosure With Transparent Lid - 150 x 140 x 75mm GR17210 A3IX# £6.95
100ft Reel Alpha Wire 6825 Hook Up Wire 18 AWG MPPE Blue 0.81mm P6DL# £27.00
100ft Reel Alpha Wire 6825 Hook Up Wire 18 AWG MPPE Green 0.81mm P6DN# £27.00
11 Pin Plug In Power 24DC RS3PN24DC By IMO Precision Controls A3IW# £4.95
2.7" TFT LCD Display Screen 240 x 320 QVGA Portrait RGB Sun-Read 3V T4JR# £93.95
OsiSense XS M30 10mm Inductive Proximity Sensor Cylindrical XS530BLPAM12 P5PG# £26.95
10 x Planet Waves Solderless BNC Male Plug Connectors STBNCP10 P5UH# £36.95
ROLEC 191.090.000 Enclosure IP67 Aluminium 60 x 90 x 120mm T3SM# £26.95
Intellistage IS2CMB Staging Guard Rail Corner Mounting Bracket V3KG# £13.95
Camdenboss Piezo Proximity Sensor And Keypad CPA-KPD-RDR R1DL# £393.95
SW301 BSS 13A DP Switched Plug Socket Brushed Steel Screwless 1-Gang T1EN# £3.95
SWA Outdoor Brass Gland Kit 63 CW CWLSF 63 KIT-1 T3UW# £9.00
10m Lead HDMI Male To Bare Free Ends Black 32.8ft Cable SG475 M1DM# £6.95
SWA Outdoor Brass Gland Kit 50 CW CWLSF 50 KIT-1 T3UY# £7.00
30.5m Reel Alpha Wire Multicore 18AWG Screened 2-Core Cable Black Q3KG# £84.00
A/V Wall Plate USB VGA RJ45 Network 2-Gang White Steel N5RA# £16.95
Hylec Size 2 Deep Black/Yellow 2-Hole Box Enclosure M3NL# £6.95
15-Pin VGA Male To Free Ends Cable 50m Black Lead 164ft Q2RD# £43.95
Job Lot 2000 x IRISO IMSA-11600S-50Y910 FFC/FPC Connectors Vertical S5AA# £193.95
100m Reel Twin And Earth Cable 6242YH Grey 6mm² Q2MB# £140.00
Job Lot 7 x Lengths Of Copper Pipe 22mm And 15mm 3m/2m U1DZ# £69.95
10 x White Nylon 12-Way Terminal Block 30a 400v 30ANYL T4QG# £10.00
100m Green & Yellow Earth Sleeving 3mm Sleeve Tube T4UF# £5.00
IP65 ABS Cardmaster Instrument Enclosure With Transparent Lid V4BT# £36.95
Vogels Cable 8 Black Aluminium Cable Management Strip Column N4HY# £18.95
Vogels CABLE 4 Black Aluminium Cable Management Strip Column V1BW# £13.95
Flexible Head Colour Inspection Camera With 2.7" TFT-LCD Monitor DO3146 V1XB# £73.95

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