Take a look out our range of batteries. We stock batteries for everyday items and batteries for automotive needs. If you require a large quantity of batteries you can save even more.

Item Product Price
Camdenboss 12v 17ah AGM Series SLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery M5 Terminal P5SR# £34.00
YUASA 12v 2ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery NP2-12 P6BK# £22.00
Intermec Honeywell CN70 CN70E Replacement Battery 1000AB02 Genuine R2KW# £26.00
10 x Energizer Max Plus 9v Smoke Alarm Type Batteries Alkaline P5VG# £15.75
Job Lot 10 x GP Super 4.5V Alkaline Battery 312A 3LR12 Lantern S6SE# £3.95
12 x Duracell AA Plus Power Batteries 1.5v Alkaline Battery P3NY# £4.00
20 x Varta Industrial Alkaline Battery Type D 1.5v LR20 Batteries V3ZC# £13.75
Dynamic Power ENERGIZER - CP30 - CP30NM, BATTERY, NIMH 3.6V 280MAH V4NZ# £2.00
Steatite Li-Ion Battery Pack 3.6v 7.8Ah BA06P3MD153 R4AZ# £27.00
2-Power PTN0050A 12V 2Ah Replacement for Makita 6911HDW Q4EY# £17.00
2-Power PTH0033A 12v 2.2ah Replacement Battery for Bosch B2300 R2KT# £17.00
2-Power Laptop Battery Toshiba Sat Pro 6000, 6100 Compatible PA3191U-1BRS D2JC# £5.95
2-Power Laptop Battery Acer Aspire Timeline 3810T Compatible AS09D31 A3NK# £15.95
2-Power CBI3161B Notebook/Tablet Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery A1LA# £11.95
2-Power CBI1022A Laptop Battery Sony Vaio VGN-TX Compatible VGP-BPS5 C1NE# £21.95
2-Power Laptop Battery for Asus T12 Compatible A32-T12, A5ND# £12.00
2-Power Laptop Battery CBP3256A Lenovo IdeaPad U350 Compatible A7KO# £31.95
2-Power Laptop Battery Sony Vaio VPC-SA23GW/BI Compatible VGP-BPS24 A7KM# £26.95
2-Power Rechargeable Laptop Battery CBI3182A A5NY# £17.00
2-Power Rechargeable Lithium Battery Notebook/Tablet Compatible CBI3157A A5MU# £12.00
2-Power PDA0054A - PDA Battery 3.7V 2400mAh A6AQ# £9.95
2-Power Laptop Battery Compaq Presario 1700 EVO N160 Compatible 191169-001 A5MP# £36.95
2-Power Laptop Battery Sony Vaio VGN-S Series Compatible VGP-BPS2C A3IF# £26.95
2-Power Laptop Battery Toshiba Satellite L10,L15,L25,L35 Compatible B-5386 A3MP# £26.95
2-Power Battery Charger Grey PDA0072 A A1SF# £3.49
Kit 2-in-1 In-Car Charger 3000 mAh Power Bank Smartphone Tablet MP3 Etc..T4LB# £4.95
TracoPower TML 30112 PCB mount power supply module A4CI# £64.00
Power Sonic PS-12170 B 12v 17ah Sealed Rechargeable Battery P4FG# £37.00
40 x Energizer AA Batteries 1.5V Battery for Toys, Remote Controls Etc T6FZ# £7.95
28 x Ativa AA Premium Alkaline Batteries 1.5V REMOTE Battery T2LF# £2.95
6 x Dubilier Battery Packs Ni-MH 7.2v 1200mAh Rechargeable Batteries A2CX# £9.95
10 x Power One 9V Batteries Alarm Style Battery New Sealed T6KA# £3.95

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