Warning & Safety Signs

  • No Smoking, Electrical warnings, Fire Exit, etc...

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30 Key Security Box/Cabinet Round Cornered FH30 - 30 Key Fixed Hooks S2DY# £13.95
Defender Security LCDNT20SHE Camera Dome 700TVL Vari - Internal Use A5IL# £11.95
Collapsible Pack A Cone With Light IVGPAC A5FC# £18.95
Workplace/Home Wall Thermometer 215mm With Factory Regulation Temperatures T4BC# £2.95
"CCTV In Operation" Warning Sign Made Of Durable PVC, 400 x 300mm, A4CY# £2.95
100 x Self Adhesive "Tested For Electrical Safety" Labels, White 15 x 40mm A3EZ# £5.95
Velleman HAM201 PIR Home Alarm System With Wireless Remote Motion Detector A5MQ# £13.95
Job Lot 8 x F103/R Safety Sign Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher 280x90mm A1RC# £10.95
Eterna PC Legend For LED Emergency Sign Light Right/Left Arrow Across A4FQ# £6.95
Job Lot 8 x Signslab F102/R Safety Sign "Fire Extinguisher Foam" 280x90mm A2MJ# £10.95
Elmdene FBC100-3-15 Beacon Fire Warning Alarm Ceiling Mount T4XE# £53.95
Camdenboss Piezo Proximity Sensor And Keypad CPA-KPD-RDR R1DL# £393.95
Edimax IR-113E Outdoor PoE Day & Night Network CCTV Security Camera R1GY# £193.95
2 x Large Vinyl Warning Signs 600 x 200mm 'Danger Radiation Risk' P2GB# £9.95
Job Lot 11 x Large Vinyl Warning Signs 600 x 200mm Safety Notice P6BI# £26.95
Streetwize Studded Snow Shoe, Ice Grips Size Choice... £3.75
Securit Heavy Duty Discus Stainless Steel Padlock 90mm P6BM# £9.95
33m x 50mm Roll Pro Power SH5013-Black Tape Hazard Aisle Marking Black P6DV# £4.00
Safety Sign 600x450mm These Are No Smoking Premises PVC, SR72074 P5HY# £2.00
Two Fire Extinguisher/Equipment Lockable Cabinet 72 x 54 x 27cm Q5QM# £73.95
Ecco Reflex Dual Voltage 1 Bolt LED Clear Reflex Mini Lightbar 5580CA-VA1 S3GC# £93.95
Ecco 400 Series R65 MAG 70 Rotating Amber Beacon 12V T4NB# £23.95
10 x Scafftag MEWP Do Not Use Daily Check Card Tag Holders P3WD# £24.00
Moravia Traffic Line Edge Protection Self Adhesive Black/Yellow 1Mx40x20mm N1PZ# £11.00
10 x Brady Scafftag LadderTag Insert Holder Warning Tags V3EA# £21.00
Triple Fire Extinguisher Contactor Site Trolley with Hand Bell 180x72cm F1LA £74.95
Vulcascot 1.5m TTC/4 Temporary Traffic Calming Cable Protector F3LA# £70.95
Vulcascot 1.5m TTC/3 Temporary Traffic Calming Cable Protector F2KA# £70.95
3 x New JSP Dominator 50cm Reflective Traffic Road Cones Q1EH# £23.75
Conilamp Road Traffic Cone Continuous Steady On Warning Light Amber LED U2BA# £12.95
Job Lot 50 x New FRAME ONLY Men at Work Plastic Road Sign Fold Out Frames REX6 £79.95
Toughstore TS7 Lifebuoy Cabinet Optional Cover Orange N3LX# £13.95
Ecco/Vision Alert 5580A-VAMAG Amber Lens LED Magnetic Beacon 12/24v R1DT# £89.95
25 x Aqua-Sac® SOS Self Inflating Sand Bags For Flood Defence B3HA# £33.95
250 x Self Adhesive Warning Labels Flammable Gas 2 10 x 10cm A3MO# £9.75
Oxford Plastics Highwayman 75cm Traffic Cone 2-Piece Heavy Duty Quantity Choice. £4.00
3M Vital ID Worker Emergency Safety Sticker ICE WSID-01 A1VA# £3.30
Protex Workwear Fire Retardant Navy Long Sleeve T-Shirt Size Choice..... £6.00
Job Lot 100 x "Person I.C. Possession" Hi-Vis Arm Band Badge Q3SW# £47.00
G201 Derby Boot Safety Shoes Black Leather Steel Toecap Size Choice...... £14.00
Pair Blackrock Safety Shoes Size UK6 EUR39 - Black FW500BK-6 S2DB# £17.00
Job Lot 175 x Snow Shovel Brush Scraper Sets, 3-in1 Multi-Tool Spade Kits P-256 £749.95
Wallace Cameron Health And Safety At Work Laminated Poster 430x590mm A4QY# £6.95
Job Lot 7 Assembly Sign With Point Left Arrow Emergency 2142H Plastic Sign A1LF# £31.95
Fire Exit Right Sign 150 x 450mm 1mm Plastic 50967 A4BA# £1.95
10 x Do Not Touch Signs 77 x 160mm Electrical Safety Lockout Tags R1JA# £7.75
10 x No Smoking Symbol Signs 100x100mm Rigid PVC Internal or External Use, A6DT# £1.99
Durable First Aid Room Medical Pictogram Stainless Steel Sign T2LE# £1.95

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