Warning & Safety Signs

  • No Smoking, Electrical warnings, Fire Exit, etc...

Item Product Price
AA Pop Up Collapsible Emergency Breakdown Cone Beacon Light Q2BH# £13.00
10 x Foot/Shoe Shape Yellow Vinyl Floor Marking Safety Marker Stand Back P4NM# £12.00
Holt Sailing Dinghy, Boat, Canoe PVC Airbag Buoyancy Aids Size Choice..... £14.95
Job Lot of 20x 5-Way Power Splitter Cable For CCTV Cameras Watchguard T2WY# £49.95
Job Lot 15x Safety Sign In The Event Of Fire Do Not Use This Lift FR08651R T2TE# £39.95
Job Lot 50 x Drager Face Mask Head Harness EPDM M/L Complete R61070 Strap T5DY# £149.95
Defender Security LCDNT20SHE Camera Dome 700TVL Vari - Internal Use M4KKL# £9.99
Job Lot of 14x "CCTV In Operation" Warning Sign PVC, 400x300mm, M4AAF# £39.95
100 x Self Adhesive "Tested For Electrical Safety" Labels, White 15 x 40mm A3EZ# £5.95
Job Lot 8 x F103/R Safety Sign Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher 280x90mm M1PK# £9.99
Eterna PC Legend For LED Emergency Sign Light Right/Left Arrow Across M4LL# £6.95
Job Lot 8 x Signslab F102/R Safety Sign "Fire Extinguisher Foam" 280x90mm M2DDB# £9.95
Elmdene FBC100-3-15 Beacon Fire Warning Alarm Ceiling Mount T4XE# £9.95
Camdenboss Piezo Proximity Sensor And Keypad CPA-KPD-RDR R1DL# £249.95
2 x Large Vinyl Warning Signs 600 x 200mm 'Danger Radiation Risk' P2GB# £9.00
Job Lot 11 x Large Vinyl Warning Signs 600 x 200mm Safety Notice Q1GV# £20.00
Streetwize Studded Snow Shoe, Ice Grips Size Choice... £3.75
Securit Heavy Duty Discus Stainless Steel Padlock 90mm P6BM# £7.50
Ecco 400 Series R65 MAG 70 Rotating Amber Beacon 12V T4NB# £19.95
10 x Scafftag MEWP Do Not Use Daily Check Card Tag Holders P3WD# £22.00
Job Lot 130 x Pairs Safety Glasses Silver/Teal Blue Frame Bronze Lens V3VA# £99.99
25 x Aqua-Sac® SOS Self Inflating Sand Bags For Flood Defence V1VC# £33.95
3M Vital ID Worker Emergency Safety Sticker Tag ICE WSID-01 M1KKL# £4.99
Protex Workwear Fire Retardant Navy Long Sleeve T-Shirt Size Choice..... £6.00
G201 Derby Boot Safety Shoes Black Leather Steel Toecap Size Choice...... £14.00
10 x UVEX Profastrong Chemical Protection Gloves + Nitrile Cover Size 7/SM T5BX# £14.95
Job Lot 175 x Snow Shovel Brush Ice Scraper Sets, 3-in1 Multi-Tool Spade Kits £499.99
Job Lot 7x Assembly Sign w/ Point Left Arrow Emergency 2142H Plastic Sign M1OOG# £16.95
Fire Exit Right Sign 150 x 450mm 1mm Plastic 50967 M4KKZ# £1.95
10 x Do Not Touch Signs 77 x 160mm Electrical Safety Lockout Tags R1JA# £3.95
Job Lot of 910 x No Smoking Symbol Signs 100x100mm PVC Internal External, V3YW# £89.99
Job Lot 67 x Durable First Aid Room Medical Pictogram Stainless Steel Sign T2LE# £49.95

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