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StarTech USB A Plug to Right Angled USB B Plug Lead USBAB2MR 90° Cable 2M T4NC# £3.00
Triax 370419 - 370418 Power Supply Triax Link PSU R2KK# £8.00
Constant Voltage LED Driver 200w 12v 16.7a Waterproof IP67 R2KS# £37.00
65w 12v 5a IEC C8 Desktop Power Supply 15DYS602-120500W P5RP# £16.00
13A Spike Buster Surge Protector 2-Gang Socket RPP P408/SRG P4KT# £17.00
IP65 Waterproof Junction Box With Terminal Black V-TAC 3578 T1JW# £3.00
Large Job Lot IP55 Glanded Enclosure Junction Box & Sealing Bushing S2PB# £49.99
Finder Relay DPCO 12v DC P6AV# £7.00
Arduino Mini 05 Without Headers A000088 Microcontroller Board V4NH# £12.00
Green LED Panel Mount Indicator 24v DC 8mm Snap-In R4AT# £1.00
Hellermanntyton Twist-In 25 Self Closing Braided PET Sleeve 19-25mm x 2m P5UB# £21.95
Energenie RF 433MHz Spare Remote Control ENER002-C M2LY# £5.95
USB 2.0 Active Repeater Lead - 20m Black By NewLink T3EJ# £16.95
M22-I1 Plastic Enclosure, Control, Polycarbonate, 80mm 72mm 56mm IP67 V3JV# £6.95
2 x LAP Polished Chrome 2-Gang 13amp Switched Socket Outlets Flat Plate U3FX# £7.00
LED Indicator 8mm Proud White 24V Q8P3CXXW24E P4WF# £3.00
Filter IEC 10A 2-Pole Switch DD12.9121.111 P6BL# £17.00
9U 19" Rack Wall Mount Server Cabinet 455 x 550 x 450mm RR-W1-9G M4LT# £49.95
Reel of 3750 x Rectangular Power Contact 20 AWG JPT Series Socket Crimp Q4VA# £54.00
1 Gang 2 Way 10A Light Switch, Polished Stainless Steel / White Insert A2MU# £2.95
3 Hole Box, Size 3, Deep, Grey/Grey DE03D-A-GG-3 - MC02161 By HYLEC-APL A6AJ# £3.95
1G Telephone Master Socket Bushed Stainless Steel With Black Insert A5IQ# £2.95
1 x 2 HDMI Splitters With Full 3D & 4K x 2K - PSG04162 A5FK# £16.95
45A DP Cook Switch And 13A Socket By Volex A4MT# £8.95
Secondary Phone Socket Flat Plate - Stainless Steel Black Insert By Volex A4ML# £2.95
IP65 ABS Desktop Enclosure 219 x 140 x 58.5mm - Grey PP98G A4MJ# £7.95
IP65 ABS Enclosure 170 x 170 x 75mm GR17012 - By CE-TEK A3AY# £3.95
Hylec Size 2 Standard Grey 2-Hole DE02S-A-GG-2 A3MN# £3.95
12V Adjustable TImer Kit 30min - 4hour - I-3 A3GY# £9.95
1 Gang Secondary Phone Socket VX3984PS By Volex A2AT# £2.95
25 x 10mm Copper Tube Butt Splice Terminals Battery Welding Cable Crimp T2TX# £3.00
ABS Desktop Enclosure 220 x 140 x 56mm - PP84G By Evatron A1UI# £4.95
1 Gang TV Coaxial Socket With Polished Chrome Finish By Volex A1UH# £2.95
GDE-22C070Z2 22W Constant Current LED Driver T2SA# £6.00
IP65 Modem Case 220 X 140 X 56MM - Black By Evatron PP70N A1SI# £3.95
20A 1 Gang DP Switch With Neon Satin Stainless Steel By Volex A1MS# £2.95
Volex 1 Gang Co-Axial TV Socket Flat Plate Stainless Steel A1MC# £2.95
1 Gang Phone Socket Secondary GB6:VX3984SS By Volex A1IY# £3.95
Cook Switch/Socket Flat Plate Polished Chrome Finish By Volex A1IX# £3.95
Transformer 5VA 12V 44231 By MYRRA A3JK# £2.95
3 to 1 In-Line Mini HDMI Switch - PSG03135 A1UC# £11.95
IP65 Black ABS Desktop Enclosure 219 x 140 x 58.5mm - PP98N A1ID# £7.95
CW Industrial Brass Cable Gland - Low Smoke M63 Small ACW63-LSF A6JN# £10.95
Locking IEC C14 Male To C13 Female Power Lead 2m - Black PC1021 A4DB# £1.95
100 x Self Adhesive "Tested For Electrical Safety" Labels, White 15 x 40mm A3EZ# £5.95
Bt Telephone Slave Socket, Polished Chrome/White Flat Plate 7783/HPC/WH A5IP# £5.95
IP65 ABS Enclosure 190 x 140 x 140mm - GR17015 Grey A1IE# £6.95
Advanced Volex 1G DP Switch 20A And Neon Polished Chrome A5JZ# £3.95
IP65 ABS Enclosure With Transparent Lid - 150 x 140 x 75mm GR17210 A3IX# £6.95
11 Pin Plug In Power 24DC RS3PN24DC By IMO Precision Controls A3IW# £4.95
Job Lot 100 x 1m OM1 62.5/125µm LC Digital Fibre Optic Patch Leads P5UY# £43.95
2.7" TFT LCD Display Screen 240 x 320 QVGA Portrait RGB Sun-Read 3V T4JR# £93.95
OsiSense XS M30 10mm Inductive Proximity Sensor Cylindrical XS530BLPAM12 P5PG# £26.95
10 x Planet Waves Solderless BNC Male Plug Connectors STBNCP10 P5UH# £36.95
ROLEC 191.090.000 Enclosure IP67 Aluminium 60 x 90 x 120mm T3SM# £26.95
Nwazet Key Lime Pi Wire Scorpion Bundle ( With Key Lime Pi ) S7GI# £6.95
ABTUS IFP-704A Sahara 1740032 Single Gang RGB HDMI Interface Wallplate T4JJ# £36.95
SW301 BSS 13A DP Switched Plug Socket Brushed Steel Screwless 1-Gang T1EN# £3.95
Principal Unit Of Programmable Controller XBM-DR16S DC24V XGB Unit V1XC# £83.95
Telemecanique Sensors XSZB108 Mounting Bracket M08 OsiSense XS Series T4QT# £2.95
2-Gang A/V Wall Plate 2 x HDMI RGB Satellite Network Optical M4KA# £26.95
A/V Wall Plate USB VGA RJ45 Network 2-Gang White Steel N5RA# £16.95
Heat Shrink Tubing 2:1, 4.8mm, Blue, 100m, V3BA# £17.00
Hylec Size 2 Deep Black/Yellow 2-Hole Box Enclosure M3NL# £6.95
15-Pin VGA Male To Free Ends Cable 50m Black Lead 164ft Q2RD# £43.95
Job Lot 2000 x IRISO IMSA-11600S-50Y910 FFC/FPC Connectors Vertical S5AA# £193.95
Belling Lee SF2010-6/01 Panel Mount Fused Inlet 6A U4GA# £10.00
100m Reel Twin And Earth Cable 6242YH Grey 6mm² Q2MB# £140.00
12U 19" Rack Mount Enclosure 600 x 550 x 550mm Server Cabinet S4LZ# £49.95
Volex 45A Double Pole Switch - VX9713 A6JE# £4.95
3m Multimode OM4 50/125µm LC-LC Duplex Fibre Optic Patch Lead - PSG91059 A2IG# £5.95
3x Phono (RCA) Male to 3x (Stackable) Phono Male Lead, 2m Black PSG00275 A4MB# £2.95
IP65 ABS Enclosure with Transparent Lid - 150x110x75mm - GR17208 A4IK# £6.95
IP65 ABS Cardmaster Instrument Enclosure With Transparent Lid V4BT# £36.95
Kramer PT-562 HDMI + IR Over Cat5/6 Twisted Pair Receiver R1DJ# £143.95
25 x Black Nylon M25 Cable Gland Compression With Nut N2HH# £8.95
Radial RF / Coaxial Adaptor, SMA Attenuator, 3dB, 18GHz P6AR# £24.00
1000 x Time Delay 20mm 1a Fuse Bussmann S506-1-R R2AW# £27.00
28U Clear Plexi-Door & 2 Locks For 19" Contractor Server Rack Cabinets N5CJ# £83.95
100m Reel Fire Performance Cable 2-Core + CPC 1.5mm S6HB# £83.95
Job Lot 8 x HDMI Adaptor SKT To SKT Gold PSG02987 By Pro Signal P2ES# £13.95
Spelsberg T2665400 Design -A- Flange 21-Frame Grey N4HZ# £4.95
100 x Cable Tie Saddle Mounts 9mm Black ACTWSM9B T5KT# £4.95
3 Pack Switchcraft RASM712BK 2.5mm DC Socket PCB SM T3JD# £3.95
RGB Phono Snap-In Module White - Screw Terminals Short Lead M4DA# £3.00
1m x 17mm Flexible Inspection Camera Head D01813 S3FL# £7.95
AVR USB Mass Storage Add-On Kit ATEVK525 EVK525 R2KQ# £43.95
3m HDMI 2.0 Cable Braided Lead + Zinc Headshells T5JZ# £5.95
Atmel Socket Card Adaptor 114TQFP ATSTK600-TQFP144 T4SI# £32.00
BeagleBone 3.5" TFT Screen LCD Cape BB-BONE-LCD3-01 R4AR# £32.00
RS232 Surge Protector 25 Way D Male-to-Female PSG90207 P3FK# £5.00
Contractor Pack 10m M20 Glands x 10 IP40 L0174 By Hellermanntyton A1RH# £6.00
Cable Gland Trade Tub 50 x M20 Black BPSCA ATT15 - CB17953 T2NH# £17.00
Retex Series 33 Handheld ABS Enclosure IP65 Hand-held Case / Grips - variations £3.45
HDMI Socket to Socket 90º Bend Angle PSG03816 A4JB# £1.55
DAP Audio XLR Male 5-Pole To RJ45 Female Adapter T4JG# £8.49
100M Figure-8 Speaker Cable 79-Strand 2 Core White Q3KD# £33.95
Retex Series 70 Multifunction ABS Electronics Internal / External Enclosure Box £2.95
Retex Series 102 Grey ABS Electronics Enclosure Box Case + Clear Lid £3.95

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