Notice Boards / Display Cabinets

Item Product Price
Nobo 55" Widescreen Yellow Felt Noticeboard 1220 x 690mm 1905320 V5DZ# £33.95
Paperflow 20 x A4 Documents Literature Hoder Display 55 x 87mm N6FF# £89.95
Legamaster 7-106310 Board-Up Frameless Magnetic Whiteboard Panel 75 x 100cm Q1CF £74.00
Internal Use Glazed Display Case (W)93cm x (H)87cm F1MC £39.95
Flitchart Easel Q-Connect + 10 x A1 Flip Chart Pads 40-Sheet (Starter Set) N7JT# £54.00
A3 Clear Acrylic Desktop Sign / Menu / Document Holder Thick Plastic P3DQ# £12.00
Rocada Skin Magnetic Frameless Whiteboard 115 x 75cm RD-6420R N5FB# £59.00
Durable 8589 Presenter A4 Desktop Table Sign Literature Holder T1AQ# £13.00
Paperflow Fastpaper 4-Shelf Wide Mobile Literature Display Stand N7EY# £89.00
Durable Sherpa Soho Desk Unit 5 x A4 Display Panels 554001 T4NZ# £21.75
Franken SFD800303 120x90cm Double Sided Megnetic Whiteboard + Felt Board N7JZ# £79.00
5 Star 900 x 600mm Dry Wipe Magnetic Whiteboard 424119 N6QX# £22.00
Nobo Classic Blue Felt Office/Warehouse Noticeboard 180 x 120cm F7AY# £90.95
Paperflow Curved 8-Compartment A4+ Literature Magazine Display Stand 285.01 N7AK £82.50
Bi-Office Mastervision External Locking Blue Felt Display Case 12 x A4 Q1CC# £114.95
Bi-Office Internal 3xA4 Glazed Magnetic Display Case Extra Slim Q1BX# £33.95
Job Lot 108 x Magnistik Magnetic Slim Bars 220 x 7 x 7 mm Paper Holder V4WG# £43.95
4 x Clear PVC Magnetic A-Frame Covers With Silver Colour Boarder M5EZ# £18.95
1920 x Coloured Notice Board Push Map Pins UK-Seller 48 x Packs of 40 P-460# £9.99
Bi-Office Magnetic Dry Wipe Whiteboard 60 x 45cm Plastic Frame, A9AW# £11.95
Nobo Internal Display Case with Internal Blue Felt Board A0 120 x 90cm N7GW# £110.00
Legamaster Revolving Mobile Swivel Frame Magnetic Whiteboard 100x150cm, F1CB £94.95
Home Office Board Backed Wall Planner Calendar - Year Choice £3.95

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