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750m Roll Waxed Tissue Paper 30gsm 375mm Wide P4BE# £14.00
480 x Sheets Satin Wrap Peach Colour Wrapping Tissue Paper 500 x 750mm T3RD# £27.00
960 x Large Sheets Tissue Paper Red/Green for Arts & Crafts 500 x 750mm T2VX# £24.00
750m Roll Waxed Tissue Paper 30gsm 375mm Wide Q3TD# £34.00
4 x Pentel Arts Wet Erase Liquid Chalk Marker Pens 4 Colours V4JZ# £8.45
40 Leaf Technik Art 5mm Square Graph Paper Pad V4GM# £4.45
Pilot FriXion BLRT-FRK7 CLICKER Erasable Rollerball Pen 0.7mm Fine Red P6BZ# £1.95
400 x Sellotape Sticky Hook Spots 22mm Self-Adhesive P3PD# £17.00
2 x 2kg Rolls White Polypropylene Packing Twine String T1DZ# £9.00
2000 x Forms Toplist P24 Green Music Ruled Computer Listing Paper 11"x370mm P3CA £9.00
4L Really Usefull Storage Box with 2 x 15 Compartment Trays Q5TE# £11.95
8 x Rolls Sellotape Original Golden Easy Tear Small 18mm x 33m V4CF# £12.95
Spraycraft Sp5003 Jars For Airbrush, 3x1oz Jars (Sp50) A4NB# £5.00
Colop Ink Stamp Pad Micro 3 Felt 160 x 90mm Black P5NA# £2.54
250 x Sheets Sugar Paper A2 Assorted Colours 100gsm P2NC# £14.00
2 x Pairs Scissor Critters Frog Shape "Ribbit" Ages 4+ 5" Blunt Tip T2FH# £1.95
Job Lot 10 x 25 Sheet Assorted Colours Poster Paper 51 x 76cm M1BH# £14.95
Wiha Professional ESD Safe ZP 07 1 14 130 Precision Tweezers P6AS# £17.00
Set of 20 HSS Twist Drill Bits 61-80mm Wire Guage Microbox PDR4004 P6DT# £6.00
Set of 5 Really Useful Storage Boxes - 1 x 0.7, 1.6, 3, 9, 18L Clear Q5PY# £23.75
76cm x 50m Bright Ideas Poster Paper Roll Brown N1DG# £10.00
76cm x 50m Bright Ideas Poster Paper Roll Light Blue N1DE# £10.00
76cm x 50m Bright Ideas Poster Paper Roll Green N1DC# £10.00
12 x Superior Tools 94mm Transparent Hot Melt Multipurpose Glue Sticks V4UB# £1.00
LINEAR TOOLS 59-680-020 MAGNIFIER SLIDING COVER BLUE, 3x Magnification V4EX# £5.00
45cm x 1.5m Fablon Sticky Back Vinyl Self Adhesive Polished Gold FAB10295 S7GO# £4.00
Sigel GL175 Chalk Marker 150, Chisel Tip 5-15mm, Blue, Shop Windows, Glass V2TA# £3.00
K & S Rectangular Brass Tube 3/16 x 3/8 x .014 x 12" (4.76 x 9.53mm) U4GG# £2.60
Bright Ideas BI01456 Tissue Paper Roll Pack of 48 Green T5YK# £1.80
Job Lot Approx 6000 x Sheets A1 & A2 Cartridge Drawing Paper F4JC £129.95
Bright Ideas BI2642 Art & Craft Paper Card Schools Pack - Christmas N2HB# £28.95
3 x Stablio Easy Original Refills, 0.5mm Medium, Erasable, Blue T1GW# £1.00
120 x Avery 16-038 Labels 98 x 51mm White T1GB# £2.00
Pack 4 x Hainenko Value Bullet Tip Dry Wipe Marker - Assorted Colours S7GV# £2.00
Edding Creative 750 Gloss Paint Marker Silver R2DZ# £1.00
5 x Twin Wire Notebook A5 212mmx159.5mm 70 leaves Ruled 8mm Feint & Margin P4TC# £12.00
150 x Double Sided Self Adhesive Foam Pads 25 x 25 x 1mm White P2TX# £2.00
10 x Postal tubes + Caps Manilla Artwork Document Tubes 457 x 50mm T2JC# £7.95
Genuine Canon HG/Film A2 10 Sheets BJC-5500/5500J Series P2PZ# £6.95
Exacompta Goldline A4 Sketch Pad 120-Sheet 95gsm Wirebound P4BG# £6.00
Assorted Pack of School Classroom Art Display Craft Materials N6PX# £54.00
New A4 Paper Rotary Trimmer Guillotine 10-Sheet Capacity, 5621832 P4AX# £16.95
Office Depot A4 Paper Guillotine Trimmer 10-Sheet Capacity, 5621850 P1BB# £17.95
Job Lot 112x WallPops Learn to Write Chalkboard Wall Poster Decal + Chalk T2DC# £123.95
Offical VW Volkswagen 64 Photo Designer Wallpaper Collage Upto 7m² N5JZ# £21.95
BBC Children In Need Adult One Size Cooking Work Apron Orange/Yellow T6HX# £5.55
Avery GUA4 Home/Office A4 15 Sheet Paper Guillotine Trimmer A9DZ# £34.95
Rexel Acco Classic Cut CL100 A4 Paper Guillotine 2101970 P2DC# £36.00
Pilot Frixion Gel 0.7mm Erasable Rollerball Pen, Colour Choice.... £0.99
Job lot 156 x Packs of Pritt Kids Art Glitzy Bitz Craft Sprinkle Glitter A5LS# £64.95
20 x Finger Fairytale Puppet Temporary Tattoos Age 3+ Years A3NY# £3.25
Fairy Tale Kids Stationary Stencil Set 6 Piece Age 3+ Years A3DA# £2.25
Job Lot of Folding Artists Paint Pallet Painting Palette, 20 well + 5 mixing £2.95
Staedtler Noris Club 144 NC12 Colouring Pencils - Assorted Colours x 12 T5XC# £3.00
Job Lot 6x 15m Rolls Nile Green Fadeless Craft/Display Paper 1218mm Wide A9GY# £33.95
Stabilo Pen S'Move Be Wild Zebra Rollerball Pen Blue Ink - Orange Crimson V2LT# £2.25
250 - 1250 Sheets 1 - 5 Reams A4 160gsm White ColourPrint Paper / Card Printer £0.99
8 x Rolls Q-Connect Clear Adhesive Sticky Tape 19mm x 66mm A3FR# £3.95
A3 Colour Copy 160gsm White Paper Card Office Printer Copier 250 Sheet Reams £0.99
1000 Sheets (2 Reams) A3 80gsm Coloured Paper Colour Choice Laser Printer Copier £0.99
1000 Sheets (2 Reams) A4 80gsm Coloured Paper Colour Choice Laser Printer Copier £0.99
500 Sheets (2 Reams) A4 160gsm Coloured Card / Paper Colour Choice Laser Printer £0.99
A4 A5 Precision Rotary Paper Trimmer Photo Cutter Home/Office Guillotine N3JB# £9.00
900 x Lion Brand White Post Cards, 36 Packs of 25 V3RZ# £3.95
48 Sheet Roll Quality Tissue Paper Yellow 50 x 76cm Florist Craft Etc T4LA# £3.20
12" Acrylic White Kichen Baking Rolling Pin Professional Quality V1QB# £3.49
10 Packs Purple Crepe Paper Flame & Bleed Resistant 20" x 7.5` 12.5 sqft T5CA# £5.95
20 Artist Brushes Major No10 Series B Round Nylon T2AD# £1.95
3 x Folding Artists Paint Pallet Painting Palette, 20 well + 5 mixing, S2PEa# £2.95
6 x Post-It Kids Drawing Book Sketch Pads Self-Stick Back 562-K2, P4LB# £3.50
30 x Sheets A5 Hand Made Craft Paper Various Designs T2UY# £2.75
Box of 24 x Pairs 12.5cm Tag-It Arts & Craft Small Scissors Esselte, P3MZ# £4.50
Job Lot 12 x Pink Love Heart Shaped Post-It Notes Pads 90 Leaf, Valentines B2PZ# £3.95
10 x Artists Paint Brushes Series D No.12 Round Hog T2FP# £2.25
6x Post-It Kids Drawing Books Sketch Pads Self-Stick Back 562KL, P5CW# £2.95
4 x Westcott Arts & Craft Kids Childrens Rhino Scissors Scallop Cut A4HA# £1.99
Job Lot 4x Westcott Art & Crafts Kids Scissisaurus Scissors - Pinking Cut A5FA# £2.95
Job Lot Pack 6 x Basildon Bee A4 Scrap Books Drawing Note Book, 24 Leaf, M3PZ# £2.95
Job Lot of 10x Arts & Crafts Sets - Assorted Colour Paper + Textured Card, A9HC# £83.95
30 x A4 Kids The Yarns Document Wallets/Folders, Popper Fasteners, N2CA# £6.95
2 x 11-Piece Artists Acrylic Paints Painting Set, Arts & Crafts Set, Q3HZ# £3.95
Box 10 x Pairs Esselte 160mm Blue Scissors, P4RF# £6.95
36 x Tuff Cut Medical Nurse Bandage First Aid Stainless Steel Scissors, T2QJ# £23.95
36 x Gift Present Tags 8cm Round + Adhesive Backing, 18x Pink, 18x Silver R4JC# £2.50
Job Lot of 8 x Pairs 7" Craft Scissors Red M4HZ# £2.95
2 x Pairs Scissor Critters Croc Childs Kids Safety Round Point Scissors A5QS# £3.25
Job lot 12 x Boxes of 12 Black lead B School Pencils (144 Total) Q5SD# £6.95

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