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We have a range of Building supplies and DIY Products to help with decorating, building, making fixtures and repairs at home or in an industrial setting.

Item Product Price
Approx. 2500 TufFast Self Tapping Masonry Concrete Anchor Screws M6x70mm+Washers £499.95
3 Shelf Heavy Duty Warehouse Garage Stock Room Racking L240xW120xH184-222cm BIN £99.95
Job Lot of 92x Pairs Uvex 6634 Unidur Safety Work Gloves Size 7 Small T3RZ# £59.95
Job Lot of 20x 750ml Survey Line Marker Temporary Paint Spray Green Cans V3UA# £49.95
Job Lot 54x Ansell Neptune Work Gloves Cut Resist 4 PVC Dot Grip Size 9 T3YY# £49.95
Job Lot 25x Work Gloves Cut Resistant Glove Kevlar/Latex Size 8 Medium N6FT# £49.95
50x Norton Laser 1200 Multi-Purpose Concrete Cutting Blade Disc 125mm 5" R2TQ# £174.95
Job Lot of 24x Graham & Brown Natural Photo's Feature Wallpaper 50 x 250cm N1DZ# £59.95
50ml Loctite AA 350 Light UV Curing High Performance Adhesive Glass Metal V3PX# £14.95
100 x M10 x 25mm Zinc Plated High Tensile Hex Head Bolts Grade 8.8 P4LX# £5.75
10M Conduit Contractor Pack PVC 20mm + 10 x M20 Cable Glands & Nuts P4EV# £15.75
Job Lot 11 x Packs Yellow Vinyl Tarifold Pro Floor Marking Tape Symbols M2LE# £17.00
Job Lot 14 x Packs Red Vinyl Tarifold Pro Floor Marking Tape Symbols M3AAY# £22.00
Job Lot Assorted DIY Tarpaulin Sheet Eyelet Kits + Eyelets Q5AQ# £21.75
50m Reel Polyester Heavy Duty 50mm 2" Strap Webbing 4-Tonne Blue Q5PA# £39.95
80m Marina Yacht Rope 8 Plait Braid 8mm Diameter Polyester Q5KA# £39.95
Orange Weighted Sand Base for Plastic Safety Barrier Fencing Q2WE# £9.95
Job Lot 2,500 x 11mm Round White Cable Clips Unifix V44182 V1TA# £79.95
Job Lot of 20x 5-Way Power Splitter Cable For CCTV Cameras Watchguard T2WY# £49.95
Job Lot 15x Safety Sign In The Event Of Fire Do Not Use This Lift FR08651R T2TE# £39.95
Spelsberg 159106S1 Galvanised Mounting Plate 1060 x 810mm S1HA# £49.95
Galvanised Mounting Plate For GRP Fibreglass Enclosure 805 x 615mm 159105S1 N4BZ £44.00
Polyester Mounting Plate for GRP Fibreglass Enclosure 805 x 615mm 159205S1 N3LA# £39.95
Vaillant EcoTEC Commercial Boiler 80/125 Pair Of 45 Degree Flue Bends V2AA# £49.95
Job Lot 30 x Masonary Anchor Loose Bolts M10 x 75 x 65 LB1075 FN01434 P5NT# £24.00
Spelsberg IP54 Modular DIN Box 110 x 180 x 110mm Enclosure 542 404 01 P4CC# £9.99
Job Lot of 5x S11 B22 LED Golf Ball Light Bulbs 1.4W Red BLMG3522R-RVW1H23 V2QB# £14.95
2 x E14 5W Candle Shape LED Light Bulbs 3000K Warm White V2QG# £3.00
10 x GU10 5W LED Light Bulb Lamp 3000K Warm White V2PE# £9.00
LAP Brushed Steel Double 13a 2-Gang Wall Socket + 4 USB Port Black Insert P5RS# £14.75
LAP Polished Chrome Bouble 13a 2-Gang Wall Socket + 4 USB Port White Insert P3PS £13.00
100 x M10 Stainless Steel Penny Washers OD 40mm x 1.5mm P3KN# £10.00
20 x Concealed Hinge & Adjustable Base 110° 35mm M3LE# £8.95
Job Lot 50 x Drager Face Mask Head Harness EPDM M/L Complete R61070 Strap T5DY# £149.95
Job Lot of 12x Wiha System 4 Precision Nut Driver Blade 2mm 26949 T3AB# £69.95
Job Lot of 2x 100m Reel 2-Core Loudspeaker Speaker Cable 1.5mm 16AWG Q4FB# £49.95
100m Reel Tri-Rated Switchgear Wire 2.5mm - Blue 14AWG T4EZ# £19.95
100m Reel 6491X Hook Up Wire 2.5mm Blue PVC 7-Strand T4EJ# £17.00
100m Reel Tri-Rated Switchgear Wire 2.50mm Black 14AWG T3PH# £24.95
100m Reel Tri-Rated Switchgear Wire 1.5mm Grey 16AWG S7EZ# £22.00
Job Lot 3x Knightsbridge LED3WB 3W 24V IP20 Thin Linear LED Light 300mm V4BF# £24.95
Job Lot of 33 x 1.25m Lengths Bath/Shower Waterproofing Seal Kit White Q6PT# £99.99
The Shower Tray Company 900x900x35mm Square Stone Resin White Shower Tray N1GB £39.95
Moretti 1200 x 800 x 45mm R/H Quadrant White Acrylic Shower Tray N6PB# £39.95
Dark grey Oak effect Vinyl flooring 2 x 2m 4m² F1EC £21.95
Barlo Type DP+ 21 Double Panel Single Convector Radiator White 700 x 900mm Q5FA# £49.95
Kudox Type 21 Double Plus Flat Panel White Radiator 600 x 1200mm U2EA# £59.95
Terma Tune VWS Metallic Black Designer Radiator 3631Btu 1800 x 490mm V5BC# £79.99
2 x Pairs Victorian Scroll Door Handles Satin Chrome + Fixings M2GC# £12.00
MM2 SVT100 Thermostatic Valve Plate Series 1, No Flow Control, Valve Only Q3BE# £29.95
Alden 3719P X-OUT Industrial Series Damaged Screw Remover Kit Set P5UO# £7.95
1G Telephone Master Socket Bushed Stainless Steel With Black Insert A5IQ# £2.95
GU10 50W Wall & Ceiling Mounted Spotlight With Circle Base IP20 - AL131BC M4AAX# £5.95
Collapsible Pack A Cone With Light IVGPAC 51cm Tall, M4GGH# £18.95
ERA Tubular Mortice Latch 64mm Brass 188-32 T3EQ# £1.95
45A DP Cooker Control Switch And 13A Socket By Volex Neon Black Nickel M3DN# £7.99
IP65 ABS Desktop Enclosure 219 x 140 x 58.5mm - Grey PP98G M3DDD# £7.00
50m Reel Digital Coaxial Cable 100U Black Coax 17AWG 100UBLK50M Q3KN# £14.00
13A DP Switched Fused Connection Unit with Neon, Black Nickel VX3081BN M5KKF# £4.00
Job Lot of 128x Pine Furniture Project For The Home DIY Instruction Book U2GA# £249.95
Kitchen Worktop Edging Strip 40mm Trim Length 63cm Matt Silver Quantity Choice.. £4.95
Fully glazed 15 Lite Knotty Pine Internal Door (H)1980mm (W)765mm (D)34mm F1CG £29.95
Job Lot of 18x GDE-22C070Z2 22W Constant Current LED Driver T2SA# £49.95
100m BT Telephone Cable Extension Wire 2 Pair 4 Core / 3 Pair 6 Core Reel £0.99
1 Gang Phone Socket Secondary GB6:VX3984SS By Volex M1OL# £4.95
Transformer 5VA 12V 44231 By MYRRA M3GGK# £2.45
IP65 Black ABS Desktop Enclosure 219 x 140 x 58.5mm - PP98N A1ID# £7.95
10 x 65mm x 20mm White Magnetic Cupboard Door Cabinet Catch V3QD# £4.95
D Shaped Pull Door Handle 600mm x 20mm Satin Stainless Steel + 53mm Roses V3RA# £6.00
10 x Double Door Ball Catch 42mm, 25560 Cabinet, Cupboard, Door Chrome V3KS# £8.00
Job Lot of 210x Wardrobe Cupboard Round Rail Centre Support Bracket 19mm V2RZ# £149.95
Briton 5420.60.S.SS Euro Profile Sashlock Sash Lock 72mm V2QA# £15.00
Briton 5200m Series 5210.57.S.PB 'X' Tension Euro Profile Deadlock 72mm V2BN# £7.95
CW Industrial Brass Cable Gland - Low Smoke M63 Small ACW63-LSF, M5KKG# £9.99
Job Lot of 14x "CCTV In Operation" Warning Sign PVC, 400x300mm, M4AAF# £39.95
100 x Self Adhesive "Tested For Electrical Safety" Labels, White 15 x 40mm A3EZ# £5.95
Bt Telephone Slave Socket, Polished Chrome/White Flat Plate 7783/HPC/WH A5IP# £5.95
Eterna PC Legend For LED Emergency Sign Light Right/Left Arrow Across M4LL# £6.95
Advanced Volex 1G DP Switch 20A And Neon Polished Chrome A5JZ# £3.95
10W LED Floodlight V-FL-10W IP65 Rated A4JX# £6.95
450mm Ball Bearing Drawer Slide Set Securit S5483 P5DB# £4.50
Job Lot 2x Intellistage IS2CMB Staging Guard Rail Corner Mounting Bracket V3KG# £9.99
Camdenboss Piezo Proximity Sensor And Keypad CPA-KPD-RDR R1DL# £249.95
Job Lot 16x SWA Outdoor Brass Gland Kit 63 CW CWLSF 63 KIT-1 T3UW# £99.95
Vet Bed Pet Bedding Washable Deep Pile Dog Puppy Mats Colour Style / Size Choice £0.99
SWA Outdoor Brass Gland Kit 50 CW CWLSF 50 KIT-1 T3UY# £6.00
Job Lot of 2x Kemper Group Oxygas Tip 70LT/H For Torches 0.80 Dia T5BP# £12.95
Job Lot 20 x Verbatim 52225 LED Street Light Connector Bulb Warm White M2HD# £39.95
A/V Wall Plate USB VGA RJ45 Network 2-Gang White Steel T1CS# £11.95
Hylec Size 2 Deep Black/Yellow 2-Hole Box Enclosure M3NL# £6.95
Job Lot 4 x 15-Pin VGA Male To Free Ends Cable 50m Black Lead 164ft Q2RD# £13.95
Job Lot 2000 x IRISO IMSA-11600S-50Y910 FFC/FPC Connectors Vertical S5AB# £149.95
Job Lot 174 x LED Candle Shape Bulb 4.5W E27 ES Warm White M3PY# £299.95
Job Lot 11 x Large Vinyl Warning Signs 600 x 200mm Safety Notice Q1GV# £20.00
Securit Heavy Duty Discus Stainless Steel Padlock 90mm P6BM# £7.50
2 x Rolls Belgravia Seriano GB912 Diamond White Luxury Textured Wallpaper V1TJ# £7.95
2 x Rolls AS Creations 32472-3 Kingston Black/Brown Foliage Leaf Pattern P4JB# £13.00
2 x Rolls Regal Damask Motif Luxury Blown Vinyl Textured Metallic Wallpaper P5AF £14.95
2 x Rolls Metallic Silver Fern Leaf Leaves Textured Embossed Wallpaper P3AD# £10.00
Belgravia Decor Carina Wallpaper GB7921 Textured Italian Vinyl Floral M5GK# £6.95

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