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We offer a wide range of pallet and job lots that would be suitable for both commercial retail and private personal use. Some lines are offered on 'spares or repairs' or faulty which allows for greater savings to be made. We do not check such lots at all so there are some gems to be found within them if you have the ability to fix them up.

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Item Product Price
Job Lot 10 x Handireel Polypropylene Webbing Yellow 25mm x 15m Reel Q2GE# £22.00
Job Lot 24 x Marbo C0038 1 Gang White Flex Outlet 20Amp S2PX# £42.00
Job Lot 3 x Desk/Wall Mounted 1/3 A4 DL Literature Display Holder 1429006 T4RA# £15.00
Job Lot 10 x Assorted Magazine Files Desk Shelf Storage Organisation T5MM# £19.00
4 x Exacompta Maxi-Combo A4 Landscape Office Letter Trays 112104D Blue S3DR# £24.00
Job Lot 10 x Tubs of 200 Surface Disinfectant Wipes Antibacterial Q3HE# £29.95
Job Lot 16 x Office Depot A4 Letter Trays Yellow & Green Plastic S4HY# £24.00
Job Lot 39 x Kosnic Energy Saving Light Bulbs R7s 28w 110v 4000k Lamp Q2RW# £29.95
6 x Assorted Galvanised Boat Anchors Fluke Grapnel Bruce Hook 0.5 - 3.6kg Q5NN# £39.95
Job Lot 125 x 40-Way Ribbon Cable 40p F to 26P F 200mm Q3WQ# £34.00
Job Lot 55 x 2x 3.5mm Stereo Jack Sockets to Plug Lead, 1.8m Black PSG03299 P4BE £44.00
Job Lot 6 x Assorted Pukka Project Pads Books 250 Ruled Pages Q3TE# £18.75
Job Lot 49 x Boxes Mixed 2-Ply Facial Tissues Kleenex Tork Etc... Q3GH# £24.00
24 x Boxes Highly Absorbent 2-Ply Facial Tissues 2400 Total N4NE# £17.00
Job Lot 42 x Flat Cat6a STP Ethernet Patch Lead 2M Black Networking Cables S3ND# £24.00
Job Lot 100 x New Duratool De-Soldering Pump Kits ZD-206 N3SB# £43.75
Job Lot 8 x 2m 4-Gang 13a 240v Electrical Extension Leads Q2QX# £23.75
Job Lot 4 x Assorted Unused Boat Propellers 9" 12" 14" Q2SV# £39.95
Job Lot 10 x 500ml Auto Finish Multi-Purpose Roof Box Cleaner Spray ARO505 Q2UE# £18.75
Job Lot 40 x Deluxe Stereo Headphone Sets FX-440 N5RA# £33.75
Job Lot 18 x Peerless 3M AV Audio Visual Coax Cable Male/Male + Adaptor P3HY# £28.75
4 x Global Truss F33-F34 Conical Connector P3CB# £9.00
Job Lot 18 x Office Depot Whiteboard Spray Cleaner 3435641 Q3TJ# £24.00
Job Lot 14 x Fax Imaging Film Compatible With Panasonic KX-FA55 P5SQ# £23.95
1000 Pairs Scottlander Super Soft Powder/Latex Free Blue Nitrile Gloves L Q2UF# £23.75
9 x Exel Mop Heads 909172 Red Plastic Connector S7DB# £10.00
Job Lot 5 x Assorted A4/A5 Project Book Note Pads Lined Wirebound T2PL# £14.00
Huge Job Lot Over 100k Assorted Paper Clips, 12kg P2GA# £23.75
Job Lot 35 x Office Depot A3 Zip Pouches Poly Wallets 1434378 M5LE# £18.95
Job Lot 12 x Boxes of 144 Sticks White Chalk Blackboard Classroom School P5KM# £33.95
Job Lot 50 x Home Office A5 Blue Week Per View 2018 Desk Diaries B4FB# £24.99
12 x Ultra Clear Glass Screen Protectors for Apple iPhone 8, 7, 6s, 6 P3RB# £11.95
800 x Clear PET Plastic Dome Lid with Hole 95mm Dia for Disposable Cups N1PX# £14.00
Huge Job Lot 4800 x Ariel Corolux Mini Profile Roof Fixings 480 x 10 Pack Q3CF# £83.75
Job Lot 5 Val-U-Mail Large Security Mailing Post Gusset Pouch GP2 Red/Blue T2TZ# £21.95
5 x Assorted Outdoor Lights Lanterns Security Lamps RRP £100 Q2SM# £43.75
Job Lot 34 x Assorted New Ceiling Light Shades Bulbs LED Lamps RRP £150 Q2SS# £43.75
Job Lot 10 x New Smith & Locke Internal Door Handle Sets Assorted Q4BR# £39.00
Job Lot 42 x Assorted Packs Of Genuine Blu-Tack Original Adhesive Tack S6AE# £33.95
Job Lot 49 x 10m Rolls Self Adhesive Window Door Foam Seal Draught Seal P4DR# £28.95
Job Lot 8 x Rolls Colours Ella Spring Green Floral Paste The Wall Wallpaper S3JC £54.00
6 x Rolls Grandeco Gold Kew Stripe Yellow Paste the Wall Wallpaper S3RY# £54.00
6 x Rolls Colours Graham & Brown Harris Copper Wallpaper Paste the Wall S3ED# £49.00
Job Lot 100x 4-Piece iPad Tablet Set, Stand, Cover, Stylus, Cloth KF16367, M5JA# £99.99
Job Lot 35 x 50g Organic Plant Rooting Powder Pet Friendly Formula Q2QL# £59.00
Job Lot Approx. 131 x Blooma BBQ Stainless Steel Spatulas Serrated Edge V1QA# £68.95
Job Lot 7 x Evo-Stik Wall Tile Adhesive 1lt Waterproof & Instant Grab Q3QB# £17.00
Job Lot 21 x Assorted Hi Vis Reflective Vest Waistcoat Bands Q2LC# £23.00
12 x Rolls Clear Adhesive Sticky Tape 12mm x 33m Large Core T4UZ# £2.95
1280 x Multi-Purpose Labels, 99.1mm x 67.7mm, 8 Labels Per A4 Sheet T5XY# £17.00
Job Lot 30 x A4 5mm Gridded Quadrille Note Book Pads 80-Sheet 1072455 V2UZ# £15.95
Job Lot 8 x Office Depot 1/3 A4 Literature Holder 4-Tier Clear Display Q2RC# £39.00
Job Lot 7 x Lengths Of Copper Pipe 22mm And 15mm 3m/2m U1DZ# £69.95
Job Lot Approx 6000 x Sheets A1 & A2 Cartridge Drawing Paper F4JC £129.95
25 x Durable 811801 Black Security Pass Name Badge Holder + Clip T5XA# £10.00
Job Lot 44 x Assorted A4 Lever Arch Files And Ringbinders M1EA# £33.95
Job Lot 350 x Pink Foolscap (A4) Document Wallets 250gsm 6056766 N5HL# £23.95
Job Lot 23 x Rolls Assorted Quality Wallpaper Various Designs/Colours S7ET# £38.95
2 x Rolls Graham & Brown 32-183 Concrete Script Gold Wallpaper P2EV# £14.00
4 x Rolls Graham & Brown 30-508 Lulu Black/White Floral Wallpaper P2AA# £29.00
1000 x Time Delay 20mm 1a Fuse Bussmann S506-1-R R2AW# £27.00
4 x Rolls Graham & Brown Superfresco Easy Gradient Stripe Yellow Wallpaper P3AS# £24.00
Job Lot 103 x 1LTR Bottles Eski Hygiene Water Extraction Carpet Shampoo F4JB £99.95
10 x Pairs Maxim Sport Safety Glasses Silver/Teal Blue Frame, Bronze Lens V3VA# £19.00
Job Lot 350 x Assorted A4/Foolscap Document Wallets Mixed Colours P-536# £29.00
Job Lot 400 x Timber Profile Boards 900x65x15mm ProSolve WBP900 RRP: £300, F3MB £99.95
15 x Packs of 50 Green Semi Disposable Cleaning Wipes 60 x 30cm 750 Wipes R2QB# £29.00
250 x White 8.5 Litre Recycled Kraft Paper Carrier Bags 36 x 24cm N4HY# £39.00
250 x Disposable Knife Fork Napkin Salt Pepper Catering Cutlery Pack M4HB# £34.00
Job Lot of 1000 x Heavy Duty 82x41mm String Tags Reinforced, M1BY# £9.00
Job Lot 6 x Packs Of 84 Dettol Multi-Purpose Surface Wipes Lime & Mint M2NA# £17.00
Job Lot 20 x 4-Pole XLR Socket Chassis PSG01584 P4WB# £16.00
Job Lot 4x Deflect-O Stackable Cube 2-Drawer Desktop Organiser Storage, N4GA# £22.00
Pack of 3x Genware Black Melamine Platter GN 1/2 Size 32x26cm MEL12-BK, M3DE# £22.00
9 x Pairs Touchstone Polyco Heavyweight 100% KevLar Work Gloves 8/M Q3WR# £16.95
47 Pairs Polyco 7512 Touchstone Medium Weight Kev Lar Work Gloves 9 Large Q4RV# £64.00
Job Lot 46 x Pairs Polyco Capilex TP 4001 Home Garden Work Gloves Small 7 Q4LD# £84.00
Job Lot 50 x New FRAME ONLY Men at Work Plastic Road Sign Fold Out Frames REX6 £79.95
Pack of 10 x Crocodile Alligator Clips 24AWG Test Lead Set Tenma-21-350 T4AD# £3.00
11 x Everbuild Everflex Contract 125 One Hour Caulk White 300ml P2BB# £13.00
Job Lot 100 x "Person I.C. Possession" Hi-Vis Arm Band Badge Q3SW# £42.00
Job Lot 31 x Ultra-Chem Type 5 & 6 Disposable Coveralls Small/Medium Q2MC# £39.00
Job Lot 3 x Leitz Sorty Black A4 Letter Tray 52300095 Q1EG# £22.00
Job Lot 8 x HDMI Adaptor SKT To SKT Gold PSG02987 By Pro Signal P2ES# £13.00
Job Lot 28 x Packs of 3 Pilot Ink Refills For V5 V7 Hi-Tecpoint Pens R2AB# £31.00
5 x A4 80gsm 80 Sheet Ruled Polypropylene A4 Twinwire Notebooks Wirebound T5BB# £11.00
10 x A4 Refill Pads 60gsm Ruled 4-Hole Punched 80-Sheet Q2NY# £8.00
Job Lot 20 x Ring T5 RB508 24V 1.2W W2X4.6D Automotive Light Bulbs S2AD# £26.00
Black & Pink Universal In-Car Smartphone Phone Holder Mount Adjustable P-505# £99.99
Job Lot 10 x Home Office Hard Floor Protective Chair Mat Rectangle 91x122cm D3GN £49.95
100 x Gloss Black Laminated Paper Carrier Gift Bags 30 x 35mm 16ltr P1CD# £32.00
Collapsible Snow Shovel Spade Brush Scraper 3-in-1 Multi-Tool Spade Set £6.95
Job Lot 31 Pairs Assorted Curtain Tie Backs - Floral, Leaf, Faux Silk P4UD# £37.00
Job Lot 42 x Bath/Basin Plug Chain Fixing Kit Chrome/Brass Plate Q2PY# £30.00
10 x 200mm/8" Foot Bolt For Shed/Garage Door M5DD# £24.00
Job Lot 10 x Battery Holder PCB 1-Cell For PP3 9v Batteries 1294 T2YY# £5.00
Job Lot 22 x Flat Polished Brass Surface Slide Dead Lock Catch N4DA# £39.00
3000 x Yellow Self-Adhesive Blank Reduced Price Retail Labels 50 x 21mm T3LK# £6.00
Job Lot 8 x Sisal Rope Handireel 8mm x 15m Eliza Tinsley P2JE# £27.00
Job Lot 14 x Polypropylene Rope 6mm x 15mm Handireel Blue Reel P2PD# £28.00

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