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We offer a wide range of pallet and job lots that would be suitable for both commercial retail and private personal use. Some lines are offered on 'spares or repairs' or faulty which allows for greater savings to be made. We do not check such lots at all so there are some gems to be found within them if you have the ability to fix them up.

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Item Product Price
Job Lot 8 x SIKA Multi-Stick Grab Adhesive Brilliant White 350ml SKMULTISWE P3GD £14.00
Job Lot 3 x Commercial 12v / 24v Jump Starter + USB Charger JP1224 +Faults Q3BK# £49.95
Job Lot 29 x Assorted Plastic Storage Boxes Ideal For Home Garage Workshop, F7DG £29.99
Job Lot 26 x Really Useful Box 18lt Clear Plastic Storage Boxes, F7DE £39.99
Job Lot 8 x Really Useful Box Storage Unite Multi-Drawer Tower, F3EQ £49.99
Job Lot 20 x Assorted Music / Laptop / TV Stands & Brackets (+faults) F5CK £29.99
Job Lot Assorted LED TV Consumer Electronics Kitchen Equipment (+faults) F2DA £29.99
Job Lot Assorted DIY Workshop Garage Storage Shelves etc... (+faults) F6FX £29.99
Job Lot Assorted DIY Tools Equipment Work Lamps etc... (+faults) F5CA £29.99
Job Lot Assorted Electrical Components HDMI Cables etc... (+faults) F5JA £29.99
Job Lot 37 x Assorted Indoor & Outdoor Lights Ceiling Wall Bulkhead +faults F4CQ £49.99
Job Lot 39 x Assorted 2kW Electrical Convector Heaters (+faults) F4BA £79.99
Job Lot 59 x Assorted Boxes 500g Office Depot Elastic Rubber Bands R2BG# £59.95
Job Lot Pallet 193 Items Mixed Paper Hand Towels Toilet Tissue Wiper Roll F2MA £94.95
Job Lot Pallet 16 x Mixed A3/A4 Guillotines/Rotary Paper Trimmers +Faults F4FA £79.95
Job Lot 10 x New Smith & Locke Internal Door Handle Sets Assorted Q4BR# £43.95
3 x 2.5L No Nonsence Trade White Undercoat Paint Interior/Exterior Q2MD# £23.75
Job Lot 840 x Lakeland UHT Semi-Skimmed 12ml Milk Jiggers Pots Portion Q4CC# £29.99
Job Lot Assorted Janitorial Cleaning Equipment Mops Bins Cloths Gloves etc. F3BA £0.00
Job Lot Assorted Tea Coffee Sugar Catering Items Sachets Pods Cubes etc... F5CA £0.00
25 x 58W T8 Triphosphor Fluorescent Tubes 4000K 1500mm 5ft Q6NS# £24.00
Job Lot 500 x Lightweight All Purpose Cleaning Wiping Cloths Red 48 x 38cm S2HN# £18.95
Job Lot 500 x C3 Manilla Envelopes 457 x 324mm 115gsm Self-Seal KF3408 R3TH# £24.00
24 x Rolls Mini Centre Feed Wiper Rolls 2-Ply 195mm x 60m M2MK# £29.00
Job Lot 107 x Sleeves Mixed Paper Hand Towels 1 & 2 Ply Various Colours F5FZ £49.95
Job Lot 68 x Mixed Jumbo Toilet Rolls & Centre Feed Hand Towels F5FY £69.95
Job Lot 9 x High Temperature Silicone Sealant Red 295ml C3 Cartridge N3RC# £23.95
Job Lot 7 x Wooden Stacking Reception Chairs + Spare Parts +Faults F6JA £74.95
Job Lot 14 x GU10 240v Ceiling Downlight + Chrome Bezel 80mm Diameter Q2LM# £24.00
Job Lot 8 x Nintendo DS - Guitar Hero On Tour: DSL Travel Bundle Case S1DZ# £19.95
Job Lot 82 x Harris Victory Large Dust Pan 46x32cm PA10021 S6PB# £94.00
Job Lot 26 x Assorted Stormguard Door Bottom Brush Draught Excluders Q1AG# £33.75
2 x Vision TC-HDMIW30 Wireless 1080p HDMI Transmitter & Receiver +Faults Q3TE# £39.95
Job Lot 10 x Rolls of 200 Blue Disposible Aprons 2000 Total Q4CS# £33.75
Job Lot 114 Assorted Home DIY Items Filler, Adhesive, Paint + More RRP£300, F2LG £99.95
Job Lot 6 x Addis 10 Litre Roll Top Bins P2DB# £24.00
Job Lot 9 x Oxford A5 Wirebound Notebook Pads 148 x 210mm 100103741 P5NL# £19.00
Job Lot 42 x Assorted Packs Of Genuine Blu-Tack Original Adhesive Tack S6AE# £33.95
Job Lot Assorted Catering Equipment Disposable Cups Crockery etc. (+faults) F5FC £0.00
Job Lot 49 x 10m Rolls Self Adhesive Window Door Foam Seal Draught Seal P4DR# £33.75
Job Lot 17 x Sets Concord (A3) Subject Dividers 10-Part 160gsm Portrait P4CA# £34.00
Job Lot 8 x Rolls Colours Ella Spring Green Floral Paste The Wall Wallpaper S3JC £54.00
6 x Rolls Grandeco Gold Kew Stripe Yellow Paste the Wall Wallpaper S3RY# £54.00
6 x Rolls Colours Geometric Circular Grey Mica Paste The Wall Wallpaper S3JD# £50.00
6 x Rolls Colours Graham & Brown Harris Copper Wallpaper Paste the Wall S3ED# £49.00
Job Lot 48 Asstd Office Desktop Boxes Literature Holder Letter Tray +Faults F4LB £59.95
Job Lot 79 x Cream High Gloss Kitchen Wall Cabinet End Panels 27895764, F2FC £0.00
Job Lot 57 x Assorted Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Wall Bulkhead Lights +faults F2LA £0.00
Job Lot 100x 4-Piece iPad Tablet Set, Stand, Cover, Stylus, Cloth KF16367, M5JA# £134.95
Job Lot 35 x 50g Organic Plant Rooting Powder Pet Friendly Formula Q2QL# £63.75
28 Boxes 250 x Pukka Tea Bags English Breakfast, Elderberry Echin, Detox Herbal £99.95
29 Boxes 250 x Pukka Tea Bags English Breakfast, Elderberry Echin, Detox Herbal £0.00
5000 x 1-Ply Recycled V-Fold Hand Towels, 20 x Sleeves of 250 Sheets Green S3FZ# £18.95
Genuine Canon CLI-521 Multipack Ink Cyan Yellow Magenta P6HR# £21.75
Job Lot 137 x Tartan Self Adhesive Index Note Dispensers 50 Tabs Red Q2LD# £33.75
Job Lot 12 x Pairs Urfic ABS Lever Handle Return Rose with Escutch Black V3NE# £24.00
96 x Jars Frank Cooper`s Mini Original Marmalade 28g B&B, Hotel, Wedding T6DA# £79.95
Job Lot Approx. 131 x Blooma BBQ Stainless Steel Spatulas Serrated Edge V1QA# £94.00
Job Lot 160 x Assorted Ink Toner Ribbon Comp/Genuine Oki Epson Canon Etc. R1EA# £53.05
Job Lot 200 x A4 Polypropylene File Assorted Colours with Clear Fronts Q2QE# £24.00
Job Lot 7 x Evo-Stik Wall Tile Adhesive 1lt Waterproof & Instant Grab Q3QB# £19.00
Job Lot 21 x Assorted Hi Vis Reflective Vest Waistcoat Bands Q2LC# £24.00
Job Lot 23 x Assorted Ronseal Wood Wash Quick Dry Colour Dye 250ml Q2LV# £44.00
12 x Rolls Clear Adhesive Sticky Tape 12mm x 33m Large Core T4UZ# £3.00
3 x Pro-Elec 16" Oscillating Pedestal 3-Speed Fan White PEL00297 F4HA# £37.50
Job Lot 266 x Assorted New DIY Items Car Boot Sale / Market etc RRP £644 S2CV# £99.99
1280 x Multi-Purpose Labels, 99.1mm x 67.7mm, 8 Labels Per A4 Sheet T5XY# £17.00
Job Lot 30 x A4 5mm Gridded Quadrille Note Book Pads 80-Sheet 1072455 V2UZ# £23.95
Job Lot 8 x Office Depot 1/3 A4 Literature Holder 4-Tier Clear Display Q2RC# £43.95
Job Lot 7 x Lengths Of Copper Pipe 22mm And 15mm 3m/2m U1DZ# £69.95
Job Lot 42 x Assorted Lamp Shades Ceiling Pendant Chandeliers etc... F5HD £0.00
Job Lot 18 x Assorted Desk Lamps Bedside Lights, etc... F5DA £0.00
Job Lot Approx 6000 x Sheets A1 & A2 Cartridge Drawing Paper F4JC £129.95
25 x Durable 811801 Black Security Pass Name Badge Holder + Clip T5XA# £10.00
Job Lot 44 x Assorted A4 Lever Arch Files And Ringbinders M2EZ# £33.95
Job Lot 350 x Pink Foolscap (A4) Document Wallets 250gsm 6056766 N5HL# £23.95
Job Lot 9 x SYR Dual Mop Handles + Head/Frames + Colour Bands P2NT# £43.95
Job Lot 100 x A3 Durable Pagna Lucy Green PP Elasticated Document Folders F3JA## £43.95
Job Lot 23 x Rolls Assorted Quality Wallpaper Various Designs/Colours S7ET# £38.95
Job Lot 20 x Packs of 10 Coleman Disposible Toilet Seat Covers (200 Total) Q3NE# £17.00
Job Lot 4 x Wall Mounted 2.5kw Automatic Hand Dryer PEL00878 (+Faults) R3PE# £49.95
2 Rolls Graham & Brown Superfresco 20-787 Cherry Blossom Scarlet Wallpaper P2AK# £16.00
2 x Rolls Graham & Brown 32-183 Concrete Script Gold Wallpaper P2EV# £17.00
3 x Rolls Graham & Brown Superfresco 20-372 Baillie White Wallpaper P2AG# £19.00
4 x Rolls Graham & Brown 30-508 Lulu Black/White Floral Wallpaper P2AA# £29.00
1000 x Time Delay 20mm 1a Fuse Bussmann S506-1-R R2AW# £27.00
4 x Rolls Graham & Brown Superfresco Easy Gradient Stripe Yellow Wallpaper P3AS# £27.00
Job Lot 50 x Rolls Assorted New Wallpaper Various Designs F5JF £69.95
Job Lot Pallet 50 x Assorted Rolls Erismann/AS Creations Wallpaper F5JC £69.95
Job Lot 49 x Rolls Assorted Graham & Brown Superfresco Wallpaper F2FA £64.95
Job lot 4 x 1 Tonne 2m High Strength Gargo Lifting Sling Straps P4SG# £14.00
Job Lot 103 x 1LTR Bottles Eski Hygiene Water Extraction Carpet Shampoo F4JB £99.95
10 x Pairs Maxim Sport Safety Glasses Silver/Teal Blue Frame, Bronze Lens V3VA# £19.00
Job Lot 50 x Aloha 250ml Sun Cream Lotion SPF 15 UVA/UVB Sunscreen R2EX# £44.00
Job Lot 400 x Timber Profile Boards 900x65x15mm ProSolve WBP900 RRP: £300, F3MB £99.95
Job Lot 685 x Assorted Black Plastic Coat / Skirt / Garment Hangers, F4ED £0.00
15 x Packs of 50 Green Semi Disposable Cleaning Wipes 60 x 30cm 750 Wipes R2QB# £29.00
10 x Fully Insulated Metal Fencing Line Barrier Marking Pins 1.3m Posts P-528# £18.75
250 x White 8.5 Litre Recycled Kraft Paper Carrier Bags 36 x 24cm M4LL# £44.00
250 x Disposable Knife Fork Napkin Salt Pepper Catering Cutlery Pack M4HB# £34.00

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