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We have a range of Catering & Hospitality supplies to help you cater for all your hospitality requirements in a social and business environment.

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1000 x 8oz Domed Sip Through Coffee Tea Cup Lids White A10002 N3AL# £18.75
Arcoroc Granity Hi High Ball Glasses 10oz / 280ml CE Marked Quantity - 48 P3GX# £34.00
25 x Restaurant Catering Order Pads NCR 127 x 89mm Office Depot 1149152 P4QA# £16.00
40 x Pack 100 Tork N4 Xpressnap 15840 Extra Soft White Dispenser Napkin N4 M4FT# £54.00
4 x Pentel Arts Wet Erase Liquid Chalk Marker Pens 4 Colours V4JZ# £8.45
5000 x Tork 10300 Catering Lunch Table Napkins 1/4 Fold White 1 Ply S7AD# £32.00
25 x PG Tips Smooth Green Tea Envelope Tea Bags V2GZ# £2.75
12 x Saffron Cutlery Dessert Knives Stainless Steel Genware DK-SN Knife T1CB# £12.00
800 x Clear PET Plastic Dome Lid with Hole 95mm Dia for Disposable Cups N1PX# £14.00
5000 x Disposable Paper Drinking Cones 4oz 115ml Water Cooler Cups S4BB# £53.95
1000 x White Disposable Aprons - 5 x Rolls Of 200 (1000 Total) 27" x 42" S2PA# £12.95
1000 x Viscount LDPE Food Use Poly Bags 120g 175 x 225mm 7" x 9" P5AW# £10.50
1 x Pair IBFM 76mm Silver Double Action Spring Hinges Hinge Kichens V3RB# £5.95
12 x Royal Genware Classic Plate 18cm / 7" - White T4TR# £13.95
Job Lot Approx. 131 x Blooma BBQ Stainless Steel Spatulas Serrated Edge V1QA# £68.95
250 x Viscount 250g LDPE Food Bags 300 x 400mm M4KY# £8.00
Alexandra Tabard Small 80-88cm/31.5-34.5" Navy V2BA# £3.00
1000 x Insulated Polystyrene Lids For 7oz 20cl Cups 27-009 M2DC# £13.00
Dexam 3-Piece 0.2 Litre Poly & Plastic Multi-Purpose Mini Microwave Pot T3HB# £2.00
Genware 8002 Stainless Steel Shaker With Mesh Top And Plastic Cap S3NB# £4.95
Genware 577-03 Soup Ladle With Black Plastic Handle V4GJ# £8.95
ARC J2612 Pack of 6 Glasses Granite Tempered Tumbler Glass 27 cl S4PY# £5.95
Job Lot 3 x Large Plain White Melamine Platters 605 x 300mm S5NZ# £23.95
Job Lot 7 x Large Plain White Melamine Platters 605 x 245mm T3UZ# £43.95
600 x Bags Barry's Tea Original Irish Blend 1 Cup Tea Bags T1AZ# £29.75
Pack of 3x Genware Black Melamine Platter GN 1/2 Size 32x26cm MEL12-BK, M3DE# £22.00
Heavy Duty Scissor Tongs Kool-Touch Insulated Handle Grip 380mm 15" T2WK# £5.00
100 x Ansell TNT Nitrile Gloves Powder Free Chemical Resistant 92-670 Sml S5CA# £6.75
100 x Ansell TNT Nitrile Gloves Powder Free Chemical Resistant 92-670 XL S5MT# £6.75
Job Lot 700 x Poppies 14cm Disposable Plastic Forks M4DDX# £9.99
Steel Wall Mounted Cigarette Ashtray Ash Bin Outdoor Smoking Office Pub Bar P508 £12.00
6 x Porcelain Catering Grade Cups & Saucers Plain White V3LB# £8.95
250 x Medium Weight Clear LDPE Poly Bags 300 x 375mm 250g S5KE# £8.00
Genware 1.5 Litre Stainless Steel Vacuum Push Button Insulation Jug V1599 V2AG# £12.00
2 x Barbeque BBQ Wire Brush With Stainless Steel Scraper T3PB# £1.95
2 x 3-in-1 Barbeque BBQ Stainless Steel Cleaning Wire Brush Scraper V1VA# £3.95
Stainless Steel BBQ Grill 12" Wire Brush 3-Sided Cleaning Tool P4HX# £1.95
BBQ Starter Chimney Charcoal Lighting Kit Grill Barbeque Q4PY# £7.95
46 x Arcoroc Professional Granity Hi-Ball Tumbler 10oz 29cl ½ Pint Glass Q4GW# £29.00
Airpot 3.5 Litre Vacuum Pump Coffee/Tea Pot Flask V7351 M3KA# £14.00
1KG Nestle Coffee Mate Original Creamer 150 Servings V4BK# £4.75
1000 x Clear LDPE Poly Bags 300x375mm 12"x15" 120g P3TV# £19.00
100 x C5 Clear Poly Envelopes 165 x 230mm Peel & Seal P07 M2DDC# £9.95
1000 X Clear Poly Bags 152 x 229mm 6 x 9" Grip Seal Printed/Write-On P4NS# £13.95
6 x Royal Genware Bowl Shape Coffee Mug Tea Cup Porcelain 20Cl S1BW# £8.95
Nescafe Original Decaffeinated Instant Coffee 500g 277 Cups T3WS# £16.75
Job Lot 8 x Rolls Bacofoil Cling Film 350mm x 250m Easy Cut Q2BB# £29.99
2 Lions Sabatier 9050 Boning Knife 6" 15cm Blade U3HC# £3.95
Genware NEV-7705-W-31-Y Giesser Slicing Knife Serrated 12.25"/31 cm Yellow C1JJ# £9.95
Genware NEV-DK-SN Dessert Knife, 18/0, Saffron (Pack of 12) C7LB# £7.95
500G Tin Nescafe Gold Blend Rich & Smooth Instant Coffee 277 Cups T3BT# £16.75
3x 2L White Melamine Dover Bowl 25x25x9cm Kitchen, tsble, party Etc A6MX# £13.00
750G Tin Nescafe Original Instant Coffee Granules Double Filter T5ES# £21.75
1000 x Plastic Deluxe Disposable Plastic Dessert Spoons S4EC# £9.95
10 X Genware Melamine White Ramekin 3oz W8cm x H3.6cm Sauce Pots S6LA# £7.95
Genware 3 Shelf Stainless Steel Serving Trolley 85 x 54 x 93cm V1LA# £94.00
Job Lot 12 Clear Acrylic POS Sign/Menu/Photo Display Stand Holder 20 x 21cm P2SZ £24.00
6 x A4 Clear Perspex Angled Tabletop Menu Advertising Sign Holder T2CX# £21.95
66 x Dudson White Milan After Dinner Coffee Cups 3 1/3oz / 9.5cl M2LY# £29.95
6 X Churchill Rustic Replacement Hot Pot Lids 15cm Art De Cuisine V3TX# £7.95
1000 x Plastic Coffee / Tea Cup Lids 80ml Diameter Vented S5GA# £8.95
250 x Heavy Duty LDPE Food Use Poly Bags 12" x 15" 30 x 37cm M1BA# £13.95
A6 Double Sided Clear Acrylic Menu Holder Perspex Leaflet Display Stand T3CE# £1.45
Job Lot 18 x Arcoroc Latino Coffee Latte Glasses 29cl 9¾oz G3871, M2KKA# £19.95
Mafter Heat Resistant Kitchen Spoon 15" 380mm L380 KTHT0113 V3XK# £3.95
5x Remmerco Full Size Serving Platter Gastronorm Black 500x325x25mm GN1/1B M4ME# £5.50
2 x 4 Litre Cool Bags Lunch Bag Camping Or Picnic Cool Bag Green R1HA# £1.95
20 x Stainless Steel BBQ Kitchen Cooking Chef Salad Serving Forks, V3TC# £8.00
5 Piece Football Style BBQ Apron & Tool Set, V1BE# £6.95
Rosemary Conley's Amazing Inch Loss Plan Exercise & Diet Guide RRP - £8.00 T1CZ# £0.99

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