Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies

We offer a wide range of cleaning products to suit commercial and home use. You can also view our bulk cleaning supplies in our Bulk Sales Category if you’re looking to buy a large supply of cleaning products.

Item Product Price
Highmark 2-Ply Standard White Hand Towel 15 x Sleeves 2355-Sheets 1171640 N4RF# £14.00
Durable Durabin Lid for 60 Litre Bin, Blue, NOTE: LID ONLY- (DB49704) A5FB# £7.00
Slingsby General Purpose 2-Tier Trolley upto 150kg 45 x 78 x 89cm F2MB £99.95
200 x 100 Litre Refuse Sacks/Bags - Blue 735 x 860mm S6BN# £13.95
200 x Clear Refuse Sacks 457 x 737 x 965mm Bin Bags GWG 8290696 P4SH# £11.00
Job Lot Assorted Janitorial Cleaning Equipment Mops Bins Cloths Gloves etc. F3BA £0.00
CarPlan Flash Dash Car Dashboard Shine - Apple 500ml FSA506 T1CA# £3.95
1lt Scott 6342 Liquid Saop Frequent Use Hand Cleaner P2FV# £10.00
6 x Diversey 750ml Multi-Purpose Refill Sprey Bottles 7517494 P3NP# £17.00
Job Lot 500 x Lightweight All Purpose Cleaning Wiping Cloths Red 48 x 38cm S2HN# £18.95
Wall Mounted Industrial Paper Roll Holder / Dispenser M1GA# £23.95
5 x White 13" Floor Maintenance Polishing Pads SYR 940851 M1EJ# £11.95
Tork Hand Soap Dispenser Sensor S4 Image Design Grey S2RX# £63.95
3040 Sheets 3-Ply Z-Fold White Hand Towels 20 x 152 Sheet N3GG# £15.00
2880 x Niceday C-Fold 1-Ply Blue Hand Towels 15 x Sleeves of 192 Sheets N3QR# £16.00
15 x 200 Sheets (3000) Highmark Standard 2-Ply Z-Fold White Hand Towels N3QP# £14.00
12 x Rolls Tork Advanced Universal 1-Ply Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls T2 110163 N3GF# £24.00
24 x Rolls Kimberly Clarke Wypall 7294 L20 Extra Wiper Roll 150 Sheets N3SK# £79.00
24 x Rolls Mini Centre Feed Wiper Rolls 2-Ply 195mm x 60m M2MK# £29.00
6 x Rolls Papernet 2-Ply Centrefeed Hand Towels Blue 412056 S5PW# £22.00
1000 x White Disposable Aprons - 5 x Rolls Of 200 (1000 Total) 27" x 42" S2PA# £12.95
Vileda Green Bin Lid For Geo Range 29 x 49 x 9cm P5RL# £6.95
Vileda Yellow Bin Lid For Geo Range 29 x 49 x 9cm A4DP# £6.95
Job Lot 82 x Harris Victory Large Dust Pan 46x32cm PA10021 S6PB# £94.00
Job Lot 10 x Rolls of 200 Blue Disposible Aprons 2000 Total Q4CS# £33.75
Kimberly Clark Professional 8971 Hand Towel Dispenser, Stainless Steel S4NQ# £44.00
8 x 800ml Premium Eco Mild Foam Hand Soap P4CB# £24.00
Kimberly Clark Aquarius 7375 Paper Hand Towel Dispenser White S5SB# £24.00
Job Lot 5 x LCD Monitor Screen Cleaner - 100ml Bottle and Cleaning Cloth A2CA# £16.95
3210 Sheets Highmark 2-Ply Recycled V-Fold Paper Hand Towels 1708684 S3PF# £19.95
5000 x 1-Ply Recycled V-Fold Hand Towels, 20 x Sleeves of 250 Sheets Green S3FZ# £18.95
Rubbermaid Slim Jim Glass Jar Bottle and Can Recycling Bin Lid Brown S7JZ# £9.75
5L DEB Flora Free Hand Wash Mild Anti-Bacterial Lotion Non Perfume V1ZA# £5.75
Vileda General Purpose Cloths Red Pack of 50 C1CJ# £3.95
Blue Abbey Wall Tidy With Three Hangers Broom Brush Storage Hanger C1MA# £5.95
Papernet 416601 Z-Fold Paper Hand Towel 4000 Sheets S2NV# £18.95
Alexandra Tabard Small 80-88cm/31.5-34.5" Navy V2BA# £3.00
10 Pack Genuine Karcher Paper Vacuum Cleaner Bags T/7, T/9, T/10 P3BC# £12.00
Silver/Chrome Colour Sani-Bag Dispenser 136 x 97 x 27mm Plastic S5GF# £3.95
Job Lot of 9x CPD 500g Blue Sanitising Powder Disinfectant Sanitiser, T1KN# £23.95
White Plastic Wall Mounted Hand Soap Dispenser 5507 P5VM# £16.95
Durable Hinged Lid with Paper Slot for Durabin 60 Bins - Blue T4UA# £22.00
Papernet Drytech 2Ply W-Fold Extra Absorbent Hand Towel 407552 2000 Sheets T8EZ# £27.50
Durable Durabin DB49702 Lid for 60 Litre Bin, Green, NOTE: LID ONLY T4FA# £4.54
Kentucky Wheeled Mop Bucket + Wringer By Robert Scott 20L - Yellow S3LX# £18.75
Job Lot 10 x Addis 10 Litre Roll Top Bins M2PY# £39.00
1L HG Porous/Non Porous Floor Tile Stain Protector P5VF# £15.75
2 x Industrial 2 Ply Hand Towel Wiper Roll 1000 Sheets 360m x 22cm S4CA# £13.00
ROBERT SCOTT B45CWR Squeegee Replacement Channel and Rubber Brass, 18" T1GK# £10.00
Job Lot 9 x SYR Dual Mop Handles + Head/Frames + Colour Bands P2NT# £43.95
1L Scott 6340 Essential Foam Everyday Use Hand Cleanser Soap P1BH# £9.75
Robert Scott Blue Dust Beater Sweeper Head CNT30069 M4JY# £4.75
6 x Rolls 1-Ply Centrefeed Hand Towel Paper Wiper Roll Blue F-3691A £9.95
Vileda Professional Spin Wringer Mop Bucket + Head Q3ZA# £23.75
Genuine Samsung DC97-00214E Washing Machine Rear Tub Assembly N5NB# £53.95
Prevent Scentrel Insect Repellent Candle Mosquitos, Flies, Wasps etc S3EB# £7.75
Vileda General Purpose Light Non-woven Cleaning Cloth Pack of 50, V3CZ# £2.95
1000 x Clear Swing Bin Liners 330 x 584 x 762mm 13 x 23 x 30" Waste Sack S7AZ# £9.00
1000 x Clear/White Pedal Bin Liners 279 x 482 x 482mm waste Sacks AMV P4QC# £9.00
5 x Black 15" x 375mm Stripping Floor Maintenance Pads Robert Scott 102472 Q4VJ# £14.00
10 x Lobby Dustpan & Brush Self Closing Long Handle Cleaning Set N1FC# £23.95
280mm/11" Premium Deck/Patio Scrub Brush Head - Red M2RZ# £9.95
DEB NAT553 Natural Hand Cleaner With Hand Scrub 4.5 Litre V2CA# £18.95
Job Lot 103 x 1LTR Bottles Eski Hygiene Water Extraction Carpet Shampoo F4JB £99.95
Bosch Vacuum Cleaner D / E / F Paper Bags (Pack Of 5) 461408 T6AT# £7.00
Vikan Aluminium Brush Handle Water-Fed Telescopic Pole 1.5m x 2.75m P2NX# £23.75
Eski 10kg Bag Cleaning Rags Workshop Engineering Machanic Wiping Cloths N4BZ# £8.00
15 x Packs of 50 Green Semi Disposable Cleaning Wipes 60 x 30cm 750 Wipes R2QB# £29.00
Job Lot 5 x Eski/DEB Proline 1-Litre 1L Washroom Soap Dispenser M5JK# £13.95
Rubbermaid Commercial 35 Gallon 159ltr Blue Recycling Bin + Paper Slot Lid N5KZ# £94.00
12 Rolls Kimberly Clarke Kimtech 77320 Wettask Sanitising Wipes + Canister N3AC# £34.95
Job Lot 6 x Packs Of 84 Dettol Multi-Purpose Surface Wipes Lime & Mint M2NA# £18.95
Submersible Dirty Water Pump 7000L ph 300W 5m Lift M4BZ# £28.95
8 x Rolls Eski Hygiene/Wiper Roll 1Ply 400mm x 76m - Green N2ER# £13.95
110 Litre Red Hygiene / Contaminants Spill Kit Container Q5FZ# £33.95
100 x Ansell TNT Nitrile Gloves Powder Free Chemical Resistant 92-670 Sml S5CA# £6.75
100 x Ansell TNT Nitrile Gloves Powder Free Chemical Resistant 92-670 XL S5MT# £6.75
100 x PAL Polythene Disposable Overshoe Elasticated Covers XL 16" R3FX# £2.00
Polyco Chemprotec 60cm Rubber Gauntlet Chemical Resistant Gloves Size 10 N3LB# £6.75
Northwood Essentials 1 Ply C Fold Hand Towels 2560 Sheets Green HC125GR N3NA# £12.95
Otto 1100LTR 4 Wheeled Roll Top Green Waste Bin/Container REX22 £220.00
6 x 750ml Trigger Spray Cleenol Lift Multi Surface Anti Bacterial Cleaner A4PZ# £18.75
2 x Kentucky Mop Head Wet Floor Mop Cotton CHSA Standard 450g 16oz A5QB# £5.75
150 Wipe Tub Deb Kresto Special Wipes Varnish, Resins, Adhesives etc A5KA# £16.75
Dirteeze Rough + Smooth Trade 40 Wipes Tough Multi-Purpose DIY Cleaning T6CK# £3.00
Polyco Chemprotec 60cm Rubber Gauntlet Chemical Resistant Gloves Size 9 N5HZ# £7.75
6 x Cleenol Lift Window & Mirror Cleaner Spray Bottles 750ml M4FB# £12.00
Pack of 10 x C20 Hygiene Yellow Stripe Dishcloths 40 x 30cm Tea Towel T5ED# £3.00
UVEX Profastrong NF33 Chemical Protection Gloves + Nitrile Cover Size 7/SM T5BX# £2.95
Steel Wall Mounted Cigarette Ashtray Ash Bin Outdoor Smoking Office Pub Bar P508 £12.00
1000 x Clear Light Weight Swing Bin Liners 600 x 600mm 50-Litre R3GS# £12.00
4kg Tub Winter Rock Salt Ice/Snow Melt by Deco-Pak S182405 P5LW# £8.75
6 x Maxi Jumbo 2-Ply Toilet Paper 400m Rolls 6.327 6327 S1EZ# £14.00
3 x Rolls Papernet Superior 407557 Hand Towel Wiper Roll S7JB# £17.00
6 x Rolls Highmark Maxi Jumbo Toilet Paper 2 ply 7435780 M6BG# £12.95
Northwood Essentials 1-Ply White C-Fold Hand Towels 2560 Sheets HC125WH R4RC £14.00
Vileda Cleaning Set Ultra - Spin Mini Mop Bucket 152910, N4GC# £17.00
Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser Wall Mounted White ABS Plastic M4GB# £14.95
Aquarius 7193 Wall Mounted Rolled Hand Towel Dispenser Black 07193000 R4GB# £23.95
Stainless Steel / Black ABS Wall Mounted Hand Towel Dispenser 5730 S4RX# £26.95

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