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New Unused Ganz ZM TY121A 21" Colour Video CCTV Retro Gaming Monitor JL-061 £49.95
New Unused JVC TM-A210G 21" Colour Video CCTV Retro Gaming Monitor JL-060 £49.95
New Unused Ultrak KM2100CU 21" Colour Video CCTV Retro Gaming Monitor JL-059 £49.95
New Unused JVC-TM-A140PN-K 14" Colour Video CCTV Retro Gaming Monitor JL-058 £49.95
Job Lot 486 x RS232 9-Pin Female to Female Mini Gender Changer Adapter T6FB# £249.95
Pro Signal Dual Screen Desktop Monitor Mount Vesa Compatible Height Adjust Q2MP# £34.00
Penn Elcom 3U R1268/3UK Rack Mount Blank Panel Black P4PT# £7.00
Citronic 6U 19" Equipment Flight Case 171:430UK S2EW# £94.00
Job Lot 11x Cat6 UTP LSOH Ethernet Patch Lead, Red 3m Cable B6LZ-603R M5KKH# £24.95
Job Lot of 11x Micro USB Data Charging Sync Cables Wires 220mm Leads P5AV# £39.95
Pro Signal 1U Punched Rack Panel 4 x XLR 19" Rack Mount Cabinets V2GG# £3.50
LMS Data 19" Rack Cabinet Sliding Vented Shelf CABSHELF-TELE-FE-800 S2EA# £29.95
RR-S3 315mm Deep 19" Vented Fixed Shelf for Network Server Data Cabinets M3NNZ# £11.95
Penn Elcom R1297/2UK 19" Rackmount 2U Clampiing Shelf 367mm Deep P3EC# £20.00
Joblot 3x Penn Elcom 19" Hinged Vented Panel Door Rackmount Server Cabinet P3BA £59.95
Penn Elcom 19" 20U Flat Pack Rackmount Server Cabinet System R8400-20 N6JA# £89.95
Penn Elcom 19" R1297/4UK Clamping Rack Shelf 367mm Deep S5CT# £19.95
LMS Data CAB-W6U-EL400 19" Wallmount Server Rack Enclosure Cabinet 32x55x40 R3QY £44.95
LMS Data CAB-W6U-EL300G Wallmount Rack Mount Server Panel Cabinet R3QX £29.95
200mm Aluminium Heat Sink H S Marston 890SP-02000-A-100 P3QA# £11.95
3M 24" Widescreen Computer Screen Monitor Privacy Screen Filter PF2401B P3BQ# £49.95
Loctek DLB602 8Kg Articulated Monitor Stand For Table, Desk Work Space V3SX# £29.95
Particle Spark IO JTAG Programmer Shield V2.0 T4AV# £7.00
Beaglebone Ninja Cape Board Circuitco BB-BONE-NINJA-01 P5UK# £12.00
Joblot 5x CuHead Pro Wifi/Ethernet Shield w Airplay/DLNA Audio for Arduino P5VL# £79.95
Job Lot 96x Raspio CYNTECH Protected GPIO Breakout Board for Raspberry Pi T4MC# £299.95
Exactive Professional Rolling Pilot Luggage Case + USB Ports 18834E S3AH# £39.95
Kramer TP-50 WUXGA Over STP 1:2 RX R1AC# £79.99
Job Lot 50 x 2m USB 2.0 Cable A to B Lumberg 243102 Printer Lead T5UY# £49.95
Job Lot 9 x Home Office Computer Wokstation Telephone Cleaning Kit Wipes T5TT# £19.95
Compatible HP 81A High Yield Black Printer Toner Cartridge 10.5K Page V1XY# £19.95
24-Port Fast Ethernet Switch 19" Rack Mount Newlink NLHUB-24FE Q3SC# £39.95
LMS Data 6U 19" Rack Mount Enclosure 320 x 550 x 300mm Server Cabinet S3SX# £44.95
Newlink Notebook Cooling Stand + Card Reader + USB Hub for upto 17" Laptops T3HA £7.00
Job Lot of 135x Acrylic Case for BeagleBone Development Board, 95x62x32mm T4FR# £99.99
1M HDMI Cable Red Aluminium Heads Black Lead CPAL002RED-1M M3KB# £2.00
Job Lot 1,000 x 40-Way Ribbon Cable 40p F to 26P M 200mm N2CB# £99.99
Job Lot of 3x DVI + Stereo + USB to Displayport Connector Adaptor PSG90412 R2AT# £29.95
Brennenstuhl 4-Way 240v Desktop Power Supply with 4 x USB 1.8m T6MA# £23.75
Job Lot 3 x Perle S-1110-SFP Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter 10/100/1000 Q2KQ# £119.95
Job Lot 19 x Belkin LAN UTP Cat5e Networking Patch Cable Grey, 5m Length P5EQ# £19.95
Job Lot 5 x Mini-Speaker Microphone M4 Plug for PMR446 Radio Handheld Mic P6HG# £29.95
Job Lot 5 x Throat Mic with Earpiece M4 Plug for PMR446 Radio Microphone R2AS# £29.95
50m Reel Fibre-IRS FC/PC Fibre Optic Cable 3mm Diameter F700243 Q3XE# £22.00
Job Lot 35 x Twin USB A Male to USB A Female High Power Lead 1m Long Cable P3TL# £19.95
17" Widescreen 3M Black Privacy Screen Filter PF17.0W 368 x 230mm Q2UW# £29.95
Case Logic AUA316 16" Laptop Tablet iPad Case Bag Black P3FF# £14.00
Job Lot 31x SVGA HD15 Male to Female Computer Monitor Screen Lead 3m Cable T5CH# £74.95
Case Logic 15-6" Black Laptop Sleeve Cover LAPS-116 P4XM# £9.95
Job Lot 16x HiFiBerry Black Metal Case for Raspberry Pi 3 T2SW# £74.95
100m Reel 4-Pair Low Smoke CCA Network Data Cable Purple Q3XW# £9.75
Home Work Laptop Computer Dinner Tray 19" x 13" Silver & Red Cushion P-626# £4.95
Job Lot of 40x Adafruit Perma Proto for Raspberry Pi Breadboard PCB Kit P4SG# £149.95
Job Lot 15x 15m Lead HDMI Male to Bare Ends Black 49.21ft Cable SG476 S4MZ# £99.95
Job Lot of 155x Mobile HD Link MHL to VGA & 3.5mm Stereo Jack Adaptor P4ZF# £399.95
Job Lot 66x Microstack Adaptor Baseboard Raspberry Pi 1, 2, 3, A, B, A+ B+ T2SN# £199.95
Job Lot 50x 5m Pro Signal DVI-D Dual Link Male to Male Lead Grey PSG02870 V1MA# £199.95
Job Lot 35x Circuitco Beaglebone Weather Cape Board BB-BONE-WTHR-01 V1YB# £49.95
1080P 4K 2K HDMI EDID Emulator Extended Display Identification Data EE01H V4SC# £24.95
Job Lot of 30x 9-Pin D-Female to 25-Pin D-Male DTE Serial Lead 1m PSG90865 T5PD# £74.95
MICRO:BIT Dev Board Enclosure Case Black With Clear Cover HIPS P6EF# £5.00
2 x Black/Grey Case for Raspberry Pi Model 3 Board T4FQ# £5.00
Full Motion Double Arm Desktop Stand Monitor Screen VESA Mount PSG03909 Q2KD# £29.95
Office Depot Monitor Stand Computer Screen Riser Black 2135348 P2PK# £15.00
Fellowes PrivaScreen Monitor Privacy Filter 20" Widescreen 249 x 443mm P4TL# £19.95
High Speed 4K UHD HDMI Lead With Ethernet Male to Male 180° Swivel 1.5m M1OON# £4.95
Twin Arm Desk Mount For Tablets & iPads - Black PSG03779 A4AZ# £13.95
14 x 6.35mm ¼" Mono Jack to Jack Plug Speaker MSC-300/SW Black 3m Cable P4YC# £59.95
Job Lot 6 x Akasa USB A - Micro USB B M-M 1 M Cable Length: 1 m A5BN# £8.95
Cat5 RJ45 Network Lead 50m - Black PSG02606 M5AAH# £7.50
Job Lot 100 x 1m OM1 62.5/125µm LC Digital Fibre Optic Patch Leads P5UY# £29.95
Nwazet Key Lime Pi Wire Scorpion Bundle ( With Key Lime Pi ) S7GI# £5.00
Cloud CAS-16 Headphone Distribution System 16-Output S3BA# £399.95
2 x Principal Unit Of Programmable Controller XBM-DR16S DC24V XGB Unit V1XC# £59.95
11 x Techlink 5m Wires Acuity Coax Plug To Socket Cable TV Aerial Lead P2UL# £19.95
Job Lot 4 x 15-Pin VGA Male To Free Ends Cable 50m Black Lead 164ft Q2RD# £13.95
Kramer PT-562 HDMI + IR Over Cat5/6 Twisted Pair Receiver R1DJ# £49.95
Bisonic 12V DC 2 Pin Ball Bearing Ultraslim Axial Fan - 60x60x15mm P6EW# £5.95
Triple Monitor Desktop Stand For 19" LCD Screen VESA N3KB# £19.95
2x 28U Clear Plexi-Door & 2 Locks For 19" Contractor Server Rack Cabinets N5CJ# £49.95
Job Lot 28x 15ft 4.5m SVGA + 3.5mm Stereo Cable PC Monitor Lead P4HZ# £99.95
10 x Office Depot Microfibre Whiteboard Cleaning Super Cloth 3439224 T5PW# £24.95
2-Power CBI0740A Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) 4400mAh 14.8V Rechargeable Battery T5AW# £22.00
Job Lot of 69x USB Y-Cable 2-USB A Plug / Mini USB B Plug T4PY# £74.95
9 x Q-Connect Lapshirt Laptop Protection Sleeve Cover for 12.1" Screen T5TD# £19.95
Ergonomique Office Desk Corner Ergocorner 7610 Black Leather, N4GZ# £19.95
2 x Red/White Case for Raspberry Pi Model 3 Board T4AB# £4.00
Black/Grey Case for Raspberry Pi Model 3 Board TZT 241 AAD-01 T4AC# £3.99
Job Lot 21 x Original Sharp AR200LT Toner Black Refill Bottle M2JC# £69.95
Job Lot 155x 5-In-1 Connector Apple 30-Pin To HDMI MIcroSD MIcroUSB SD USB S1CE# £349.95
AV Extras ID002 Wall Socket Charging Docking Station M2OB# £9.00
Job Lot 30x 1m x 17mm Flexible Inspection Camera Head D01813 S3FL# £99.95
Job Lot 51x 5m Flat Back USB 3.0 Lead A/M-Micro B/M Micro USB B Plug Cable M1EZ# £99.95
Job Lot 71x 3m USB 3.0 A Plug to B Plug Flat Printer Cable PSG90485 Lead N1JA# £99.95
Job Lot 21x 3m HDMI Lead Left Angled Locking Male To Male 3 Meter Cable T3PW# £74.95
Job Lot 104x 3m USB 3.0 A Plug To A Plug Cable Blue PSG90477 Flat Lead M1BZ# £99.95
Solderless Breadboard + Clear Acrylic Prototyping Plate For Raspberry Pi P6AC# £6.00
Olimex AVR-MT128 Developer Board For ATMEGA128 AVR Microcontroler R4AL# £7.95
Huge Job Lot 58 x HDMI Male to 2x DVI Female Adaptor 20cm Lead PSG90429 T3RC# £59.95
Leviton 48-Port Flat Panel Cable Management Bar for 2U 19" Rack Mount Q2PX# £11.95

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