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If you’re looking for a product that is sound or vision related then you have come to the right place. We offer a wide variety of sound and vision products. We also stock audio and vision essentials such as batteries and cables to help get you connected.

Item Product Price
2.1Ghz RF Blade Antenna GSM/GPRS/3G ISM + 1m Cable IP65 T3KD# £10.00
SVGA HD15 Male to Female Computer Monitor Screen Lead 3m Cable PSG90140 T5CH# £3.00
Pair of 6½'' Ceiling Speakers 40W/60W RMS 8OHM Q5HH# £19.00
100M Reel RG6 Digital Satellite TV Aerial Coax Cable Brown LCC100 Q3XT# £18.75
Behringer Eurocom SN2408 80-Watt Mixer Dual Amp Amplifier Q4AF# £139.95
Peerless Heavy Duty Tilting Flatscreen TV Wall Mount 37"-90" PRMT420 Q5VA# £33.75
1.75" Bolt-On Titanium Compression Tweeter Driver 150W Rms 53-1216 S5MZ# £12.00
Level Mount 5 Surround Sound Speaker Wall/Ceiling Bracket Mount Black M1OOA# £19.95
Sonab System 9 CGV Wired Volume Master Control Unit T1JN# £94.00
Pulse PLS00011 Aluminium Speaker Stand Lightweight - 35mm Black Q1DV# £19.00
1080P 4K 2K HDMI EDID Emulator Extended Display Identification Data EE01H V4SC# £43.95
120" Projector Screen Electric Motorised 4:3 AV:Link EPS120-4:3 F2EC £94.00
Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone Mic For Use With Tie, Lapel, Dress etc T3AC# £36.95
Custom Audio 12" Heavy Duty 250w RMS Passive Stage DJ PA Monitor Speaker P-606# £33.75
Monocor 50w 100v Attenuator Switch PA Volume Control ATT-250/WS R2KD# £27.00
3-Zone Paging Microphone Gooseneck Mic for RCF ES3323 Q2AG# £144.00
4-Port Networking USB Server Pro-Signal PSG90828 R4AQ# £37.00
4-Port HDMI Amplifier Switch with Remote PSG08417 CS20788 P4WE# £37.00
TV AV Remote Control IR Infrared Extender 70m Range PSG03706 P3AZ# £17.00
100m Reel Coaxial Cable RG59U LOSH Braided Core Black Coax Q3KR# £13.00
Franken Portable X-tra!Line LDC/DPL/LED Projector Screen 120 x 90cm M5DZ# £144.95
Infrared Remote Control and Interface For RGB LED Tape Lights V2QD# £4.00
Single Universal Satellite LNB IceCrypt IceSingle Switch V2QF# £4.54
Green LED Panel Mount Indicator 24v DC 8mm Snap-In R4AT# £1.00
100m Reel 3-Core 1mm Flexible White Multicore Cable 3183Y H05VV-F Q3FV# £39.00
100m Reel 2-Core Loudspeaker Speaker Cable 1.5mm 16AWG Q4FB# £63.95
100m Reel Tri-Rated Switchgear Wire 2.5mm - Blue 14AWG T4EZ# £33.95
Pro Signal Indoor DVB-T & DAB Aerial PSG08009 V4CB# £6.95
305m Reel Shielded Cat6 Network Cable PP7092 Grey S5LP# £83.95
Jabra Headband For Pro 9499 Series 14121-25 P6ER# £12.00
USB 2.0 Active Repeater Lead - 20m Black By NewLink T3EJ# £16.95
2m Black Series Tour Grade 16-Pair Multicore Analogue Audio Cable VDC T4SP# £16.95
Portable Clip-On Gooseneck Reading Lamp 9 LED Light LC9 M3HB# £11.00
Banbridge 2m Display Port Cable BCL2102 R2KF# £16.00
1-Channel Remote Control Transmitter CEBEK TL-5 R2KE# £17.00
30m Reel PowerBass Autosound AWS-4P 4 AWG Wire Power Cable Q4KB# £44.00
Sharp RRMCG1065BMSA Replacement TV Remote Control P5NP# £7.00
Stereo 3.5mm Jack Plug PSG01484 Black 3-Contacts Quantity Choice... £0.95
Manual 2-Way Data Switch Box DW-25AB Sharing Device Metal Case P4EY# £6.00
Digital PCM To Analogue Audio Converter - PSG03518 M4KKH# £16.95
Defender Security LCDNT20SHE Camera Dome 700TVL Vari - Internal Use M4KKL# £11.95
Premium 6.35mm (1/4") Mono Jack To Jack Guitar Lead - 6m Black AV21108 A3MQ# £5.95
100m Reel PF100 RG6 Digital TV Satellite Sky Coax Cable Wire Q3LV# £23.75
20 x Genuine Neutrik XLR Plug 3-Pole Plugs Disassembled NC3MXX-D25 R2KM# £44.00
100m Roll 6/8 Core White Burglar Intruder Alarm Cable Core Choice.... £0.99
Konig KN-RCU10B Universal TV Remote Control for 1 Device T1JY# £6.00
Loctek Tilting LCD Wall Bracket 10-32" PSW118SST2 A5IB# £9.95
High Speed 4K UHD HDMI Lead With Ethernet Male to Male 180° Swivel 1.5m M1OON# £4.95
ACER Iconia B1-7A0 7" Tablet - 16 GB, White 3G Quad Core Bluetooth V4EE# £83.95
Radius S/C 43662 Smart Cable Generic Headset Cable BL10 Telephone Phone V2XM# £22.00
Universal LCD/LED TV Ceiling Mount Fits 36"- 65" TV Screens N5MA# £19.95
Locking IEC C14 Male To C13 Female Power Lead 2m - Black PC1021 V1UE# £1.95
Pro Signal ADAPTOR HDMI A TO VGA+AUDIO 0.25M BPSCA PSG03941 - AV25247 V4NB# £14.00
Pro Signal PSG04030/PSG03628 MINI DP TO VGA FEMALE ADAPTOR BPSCA AV25336 V4JX# £10.00
Pro Signal PSG03944 Adaptor VGA To HDMI 0.25m V4JV# £17.00
Inventive-Action PULSE PLS00157 SPEAKON LEAD, CABLE, 4P 2X 1.5mm 6m V4EF# £9.00
Pro Signal AV25246 ADAPTOR USB 3.0 TO VGA BPSCA PSG03940 V4EC# £7.00
100m Pro Power Reel WIRE YELLOW/RED Cable 7/0.2MM V4CL# £8.00
Vision Tap 9/9 V9-220 9-Wire 20db Loss P6AU# £21.00
Job Lot 6 x Akasa USB A - Micro USB B M-M 1 M Cable Length: 1 m A5BN# £8.95
Cat5 RJ45 Network Lead 50m - Black PSG02606 M5AAH# £11.95
Profigold 5m HD HDMI Male To Female 16.4ft Cable PROV1005 V2CN# £3.00
Oregon Scientific ATC Action Cam Surf Board Deck Mount ATCM-S S7GY# £14.95
Profigold 0.5m HDMI Male To Male Lead 1.6ft Cable PROV1000 S4GV# £5.95
2.7" TFT LCD Display Screen 240 x 320 QVGA Portrait RGB Sun-Read 3V T4JR# £93.95
Elmdene FBC100-3-15 Beacon Fire Warning Alarm Ceiling Mount T4XE# £36.95
IKON AVS EP-PC50V Module VGA + 3 x Phono 90° P4BM# £22.00
TOA Corporation ZP-001T Telephone Zone Paging Module P6BB# £44.00
10 x Planet Waves Solderless BNC Male Plug Connectors STBNCP10 P5UH# £27.00
Intellistage IS2CMB Staging Guard Rail Corner Mounting Bracket V3KG# £13.95
Cloud CDI-S200 Serial Interface Card For CX-263 M3KN# £25.00
PC Computer Headset + Large Cushioned Ear Pads + Microphone PSG08241 V4BI# £13.95
ABTUS IFP-704A Sahara 1740032 Single Gang RGB HDMI Interface Wallplate T4JJ# £36.95
Camdenboss Piezo Proximity Sensor And Keypad CPA-KPD-RDR R1DL# £393.95
ADATA Portable Wireless Storage Reader And Power Bank AE400 P6EZ# £17.00
10m Lead HDMI Male To Bare Free Ends Black 32.8ft Cable SG475 M1DM# £6.00
100m Reel Webro 510240-blk-lsnh-100 Coaxial Cable Web 240 LSNH Black Q3XL# £27.00
Cloud CAS-16 Headphone Distribution System 16-Output R1GN# £693.95
Principal Unit Of Programmable Controller XBM-DR16S DC24V XGB Unit V1XC# £83.95
Techlink 5m Wires Acuity Coax Plug To Socket Cable TV Aerial Lead P2UL# £5.00
Telemecanique Sensors XSZB108 Mounting Bracket M08 OsiSense XS Series T4QT# £2.95
Edimax IR-113E Outdoor PoE Day & Night Network CCTV Security Camera R1GY# £193.95
Minox 69739 Helmet Adapter Set For ACX Action Cam T5EC# £3.95
Profigold 10m Male To Female Coaxial Cable 32.8ft TV Aerial Lead PROV8710 P5GB# £8.00
CED LSON250T 250W Sodium Lamp Tubular Bulb V3HB# £7.00
Dynamic Power CAMDENBOSS - BEL060013 - BATTERY, AGM LEAD ACID 6V 1.3AH V3FE# £13.00
15-Pin VGA Male To Free Ends Cable 50m Black Lead 164ft Q2RD# £39.00
Lynx L40-0132, Bobcat AV-Composite Video and Stereo Audio on Cat 5 U4GE# £10.00
100m Reel 2-Core OFC Extra Flexible Loudspeaker Speaker Cable 2.5mm² S5SY# £193.95
Splash Pack DriPod Large Water Tight For iPod, MP3, Mobile Phone, Camera U4BZ# £2.00
BANDRIDGE - BA-BCL7025 Supreme Optimised Lead, Cable, AV CAT5, 25m T4XR# £12.00
Philips Transcription/Dictation LFH0067 Desktop Mini Cassette Starter Kit R3KY# £249.95
RCF AM2160 Integrated Amplifier 160w Mixer Amp AM-2160 M4AZ# £390.00
RCF M501 Media Series Speaker 80w 13041002 Black S3NR# £144.00
TOA HY-BC1 Speaker Back Can for F-Series Speakers S3NQ# £19.00
24v DC Vehicle Hearing Aid Induction Loop Amplifier Kit VL1/B2 Q3SZ# £184.00
RCF MQ-80-P W Projector Speaker IP55 30W Indoor/Outdoor R2DC# £134.00
Visaton WB13 100v 80 Ohm 2-Way Speaker White R3RZ# £44.00

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