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100m Reel 2-Core Flexible White LSZH Cable 1mm 3182B H05Z1Z1-F Q3YB# £44.00
3-Zone Paging Microphone Gooseneck Mic for RCF ES3323 Q2AG# £190.00
25m Reel Hook Up Wire PTFE 19/0.25mm Type B Cable 18AWG Red P5FW# £22.00
25m Reel Hook Up Wire PTFE 19/0.25mm Type B Cable 18AWG Black P5RF# £27.00
4-Port Networking USB Server Pro-Signal PSG90828 R4AQ# £37.00
4-Port HDMI Amplifier Switch with Remote PSG08417 CS20788 P4WE# £37.00
4-Channel Video AV Sender 2.4ghz Wireless PSG08096 R1AE# £37.00
2 x 6.35mm Jack Plug to Locking Speaker Output Socket Lead Cable P5GE# £3.00
250m Reel RG59U Coaxial Cable Black 6mm Coax Q3TX# £34.00
Single Universal Satellite LNB IceCrypt IceSingle Switch V2QF# £4.54
N Crimp Plug, RG59 VN10-2031 By VITELEC A2MC# £2.95
10m SVGA to SVGA Cable Aluminium VGA Computer Monitor Lead CPVGA004-10M R2AR# £17.00
100m Reel 2-Core Loudspeaker Speaker Cable 1.5mm 16AWG Q4FB# £63.95
100m Reel Tri-Rated Switchgear Wire 2.5mm - Blue 14AWG T4EZ# £33.95
Pro Signal Indoor DVB-T & DAB Aerial PSG08009 V4CB# £6.95
50M Nexans Quality Speaker Home Cinema Wire Cable 2-Core 47-Strand Q4KA# £23.75
50m PF100 RG6 Digital TV Satellite Coaxial Coax Cable Brown Q3UB# £5.75
Job Lot 10 x Philex Flat HDMI Lead Cables 3m Q3AA# £23.75
50m H07RN-F Type 3-Core Rubber Mains Power Cable 2.5mm - Black S3HL# £54.00
100m Reel Tri-Rated Switchgear Wire 2.50mm Black 14AWG T3PH# £33.95
305m Reel Shielded Cat6 Network Cable PP7092 Grey S5LP# £83.95
USB 2.0 Active Repeater Lead - 20m Black By NewLink T3EJ# £16.95
2m Black Series Tour Grade 16-Pair Multicore Analogue Audio Cable VDC T4SP# £16.95
Actarvis Boom Mic Headset With PTT For Motorola Two-Way Radios P6GX# £17.00
2m HDMI HS + Ethernet Lead With Gold Terminals HS+Eth PSG03913 P5NV# £2.95
Banbridge 2m Display Port Cable BCL2102 R2KF# £16.00
Stereo 3.5mm Jack Plug PSG01484 Black 3-Contacts Quantity Choice... £0.95
Digital PCM To Analogue Audio Converter - PSG03518 A5IN# £16.95
1 x 2 HDMI Splitters With Full 3D & 4K x 2K - PSG04162 A5FK# £16.95
Powercool Pro Audio PA-904FM 5-In-1 Wireless Headphones A3EN# £26.95
Premium 6.35mm (1/4") Mono Jack To Jack Guitar Lead - 6m Black AV21108 A3MQ# £5.95
100m 3 Core Electrical Flex Cable 3183Y 0.75mm 6A, 1mm 10A, 1.5mm 15A 3093Y £0.99
100m Roll 6/8 Core White Burglar Intruder Alarm Cable Core Choice.... £0.99
100m BT Telephone Cable Extension Wire 2 Pair 4 Core / 3 Pair 6 Core Reel £0.99
High Speed 4K UHD HDMI Lead With Ethernet Male to Male 180° Swivel 1.5m A1MK# £3.95
Radius S/C 43662 Smart Cable Generic Headset Cable BL10 Telephone Phone V2XM# £22.00
Locking IEC C14 Male To C13 Female Power Lead 2m - Black PC1021 A4DB# £1.95
Monacor MSC-300/SW Jack Plug Speaker Lead 3m - Black A6BE# £1.95
Pro Signal ADAPTOR HDMI A TO VGA+AUDIO 0.25M BPSCA PSG03941 - AV25247 V4NB# £14.00
Pro Signal PSG04030/PSG03628 MINI DP TO VGA FEMALE ADAPTOR BPSCA AV25336 V4JX# £10.00
Pro Signal PSG03944 Adaptor VGA To HDMI 0.25m V4JV# £17.00
Amphenol ACPS-GN 1/4" Stereo Phone Plug Connector Satin A3IY# £1.95
VIBE Space Zip Headphones - White A1QC# £4.95
Inventive-Action PULSE PLS00157 SPEAKON LEAD, CABLE, 4P 2X 1.5mm 6m V4EF# £9.00
100m Pro Power Reel WIRE YELLOW/RED Cable 7/0.2MM V4CL# £8.00
Vision Tap 9/9 V9-220 9-Wire 20db Loss P6AU# £22.00
Job Lot 6 x Akasa USB A - Micro USB B M-M 1 M Cable Length: 1 m A5BN# £8.95
Cat5 RJ45 Network Lead 50m - Black PSG02606 A4GA# £11.95
Profigold 5m HDMI Male To Female 16.4ft Cable PROV1005 V2CN# £6.95
Profigold 0.5m HDMI Male To Male Lead 1.6ft Cable PROV1000 S4GV# £5.95
2.7" TFT LCD Display Screen 240 x 320 QVGA Portrait RGB Sun-Read 3V T4JR# £93.95
IKON AVS EP-PC50V Module VGA + 3 x Phono 90° P4BM# £22.00
TOA Corporation ZP-001T Telephone Zone Paging Module P6BB# £93.95
10 x Planet Waves Solderless BNC Male Plug Connectors STBNCP10 P5UH# £36.95
Intellistage IS2CMB Staging Guard Rail Corner Mounting Bracket V3KG# £13.95
Cloud CDI-S200 Serial Interface Card For CX-263 M3KN# £25.00
ABTUS IFP-704A Sahara 1740032 Single Gang RGB HDMI Interface Wallplate T4JJ# £36.95
10m Lead HDMI Male To Bare Free Ends Black 32.8ft Cable SG475 M1DM# £6.00
100m Reel Webro 510240-blk-lsnh-100 Coaxial Cable Web 240 LSNH Black Q3XL# £37.00
Cloud CAS-16 Headphone Distribution System 16-Output R1GN# £693.95
Principal Unit Of Programmable Controller XBM-DR16S DC24V XGB Unit V1XC# £83.95
Techlink 5m Wires Acuity Coax Plug To Socket Cable TV Aerial Lead P2UL# £5.00
Telemecanique Sensors XSZB108 Mounting Bracket M08 OsiSense XS Series T4QT# £2.95
Edimax IR-113E Outdoor PoE Day & Night Network CCTV Security Camera R1GY# £193.95
Profigold 5m Male To Female Coaxial Cable 16.4ft TV Aerial Lead PROV8705 P5BV# £4.95
Profigold 10m Male To Female Coaxial Cable 32.8ft TV Aerial Lead PROV8710 P5GB# £8.95
Heat Shrink Tubing 2:1, 4.8mm, Blue, 100m, V3BA# £17.00
15-Pin VGA Male To Free Ends Cable 50m Black Lead 164ft Q2RD# £43.95
Lynx L40-0132, Bobcat AV-Composite Video and Stereo Audio on Cat 5 U4GE# £10.00
100m Reel Twin And Earth Cable 6242YH Grey 6mm² Q2MB# £140.00
100m Reel 2-Core OFC Extra Flexible Loudspeaker Speaker Cable 2.5mm² S5SY# £193.95
BANDRIDGE - BA-BCL7025 Supreme Optimised Lead, Cable, AV CAT5, 25m T4XR# £12.00
DYNAMODE CCTV Power Adapter Cable 12v Fused 3AMP - Black T4LV# £6.00
Empty Cable Storage Drum Reel Yellow 8063 M2MA# £17.00
Bandridge 5m 270° Degree Angle Flat High Speed HDMI Cable BVL1365 T3UA# £7.00
1-Gang AV Wallplate & 10m Leads SVGA White VGAKIT-1G-10M Q4RD# £44.00
CDL Micro 5m USB 2.0 A Male to B Male Cable - Black T3HV# £1.00
3m Multimode OM4 50/125µm LC-LC Duplex Fibre Optic Patch Lead - PSG91059 A2IG# £5.95
3x Phono (RCA) Male to 3x (Stackable) Phono Male Lead, 2m Black PSG00275 A4MB# £2.95
HDMI Extender Over Cat5e / Cat6 CPHDEXT001 Q3SA# £44.00
2m Lead HDMI to HDMI Cable HDLOCK-2M T2AK# £4.00
Vogels Cable 8 Black Aluminium Cable Management Strip Column P2AB# £18.95
Vogels CABLE 4 Black Aluminium Cable Management Strip Column V1BW# £13.95
B-Tech Spacer Kit For Flat Screens 60" 1336 x 755mm BT8310-SP601/N N6CX# £33.95
25 x Black Nylon M25 Cable Gland Compression With Nut N2HH# £8.00
100m Reel Figure-8 OFC Loudspeaker Cable Wire 2x 0.75mm² Q3UE# £54.00
305m Reel Cat5e FTP Network Cable Grey 4-Pair Q3UZ# £64.00
100m Reel RG6U Coaxial Cable Black RG6UCCABLK100MFF Q3KQ# £12.00
100m Reel RG59U+Flex Coaxial Cable Coax + Power Black PVC Q4LX# £29.00
100m Reel RG59U Black PE Jacket Coaxial Cable 20 AWG Q4LJ# £19.00
Valueline Display Port Adapter Cable Male to HDMI Input VLCB37150B02 0.2m P6BR# £9.00
USB 3.0 Extension Cable Connector A to Socket A 80cm Lead T2EC# £1.95
50m Reel Polyester Expandable Braided Sleeving Grey 12mm Dia BSFRG-012 Q4JW# £16.00
1-2 HDMI Splitter HD CPAVPA01 + Power Supply P4PN# £22.00
1-4 HDMI Splitter HD CPAVPA02 + Power Supply P5RH# £27.00
Hama Compact Antenna Adapter Plug DIN - Socket ISO P4WH# £3.00
Pack of 10 x Crocodile Alligator Clips 24AWG Test Lead Set Tenma-21-350 T4AD# £3.00
10m HDMI 2.0 Cable Braided Lead + Zinc Headshells T4AG# £12.00

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