Item Product Price
BAHCO 125mm (5") ERGO Wire Cable Side Cutter Cutting Plier 2101G-125 R1DR# £18.00
500g Loctite ALU 45D 0.9mm Solder Wire Multicore Alusol Flux P5KN# £22.00
Pulse ACC-CASE-M Universal Flight Case + Foam Insert 380 x 145 x 400mm Q3PF# £24.00
Wiha PicoFinish Pentalobe Screwdriver PL2 x 40mm 39827 T2JO# £6.00
Wiha Softfinish Slotta Cabinet Screwdriver 4.0 x 100mm Flat Head 00692 T2GP# £3.00
Wiha Picofinish Slotted Screwdriver 3 x 50mm Flat Head 00490 T2WB# £4.00
600V AC/DC Pen Type Digital Multimeter with NCV D03127 R2AY# £17.00
Portasol P2-12 Blow Torch Spare Tip Soldering Iron Accessory R2KR# £12.00
Wera 3-Piece Kraftform Nut Spinner 6,7,8mm With Flexi Shaft R2KG# £28.75
Multi-Function Cable Tracker & Network Cable Tester D03044 R4AJ# £32.00
Nightseacher Star-Starter LED Floodlight 5-in-1 Jump Starter +Faults Q3BY# £29.95
24-Piece ½" Drive Secket Set 10-24mm Metric + 3/8" -15/16" Imperial Q2LW# £18.75
Magnetic Pick-Up Retrieval Tool with Release D03148 R2PK# £14.00
1.2M Magnusson Pro Aluminium Box Magnetic Beam Spirit Level Q6PR# £14.00
51 Piece Carbon Steel Tap & Die Set in Storage Case P5GC# £21.75
Wiha Allen Key Wrench Cross T Handle 334 Hex Screwdriver 3 x 150mm T5JE# £4.00
Wiha 334 Allen Wrench with Cross T-Handle Hex Screwdriver 4 x 150mm T3EE# £5.00
0-15m Tripod Laser Level Kit T1BY# £23.75
Wiha T-Handle Hex Driver 8 x 200mm (334) - Red Handle P6BD# £2.95
Job Lot 4 x Dowsil 744 RTV Silicone Adhesive White 310ml Cartridge T1ER# £16.95
5 x Pack Dormer A100 7/16" Jobber Drill Bits T4JH# £10.95
Expert by Facom 3/4" Drive 1025mm Long Swivel Handle Breaker Bar E033804 P2SX# £84.00
22-Piece Combination Spanner Set Chrome Vanadium Steel Duratool D02324 P5PY# £16.00
Wiha Professional ESD Safe ZP 07 1 14 130 Precision Tweezers P6AS# £17.00
Alden 3719P X-OUT Industrial Series Damaged Screw Remover Set P5UO# £33.95
Set of 20 HSS Twist Drill Bits 61-80mm Wire Guage Microbox PDR4004 P6DT# £6.00
Job Lot 114 Assorted Home DIY Items Filler, Adhesive, Paint + More RRP£300 F2LG £99.95
Boa 340020 20mm Quick Change Diamond Tip Drill Bit A3MI# £6.95
6mm Diamond Bit Tile Drill System, Porcelain Granite Ceramic Marble Stone T3GA# £2.95
Job Lot Pallet 648 x Plastic 16" & 19.5" Tool Box Storage Caddy Tote Tray, F7DA £29.95
Duratool D00125 Crimp Tool, Ratchet, Modular Plug Connectors A1VQ# £2.95
Job Lot 450 x D-Shackle M8 Hanging Hook, Building, Construction, Punch Bag V2RC# £139.95
Hilka Professional Micrometer 0-25mm Pro Craft - 76991900 A5JH# £6.95
Forge Steel Carpenters 3-Piece Set Saw Hammer Spirit Level in Carry Case Q3TC# £14.00
Superior Tools Galvanised Staples 140/8 Box of 5000 A5JB# £3.95
Velleman VTSDIP7 Professional Repair Kit For iPhone 5/6 240V Multicolored V4CM# £7.00
Soldering Iron Tip For LR21 Soldering Set 58720781 By Weller A6MG# £3.95
Wiha 32346 PRECISION TWEEZER, 110MM ESD V4AY# £17.00
SupaTool Heavy Duty Ratchet Strap Tie Down 50mm x 6m STRTD10 Yellow P6BW# £17.00
Tyco Electronics 825582-2 Hand Crimp Tool AMP Econoseal S4GT# £93.95
2 x Bahco PH2/6.0x100 Insulated Screwdriver Blades 8520SL-2P 100mm Red S2DU# £15.95
Kemper Group Oxygas Tip 70LT/H For Torches 0.80 Dia T5BP# £11.95
Kemper Group Oxygas Tip 40LT/H For Torches 0.50 Dia T2BZ# £11.95
68 x Premium Carpet Gripper 1.52m Wood 152cm Rod Lengths S2RH# £24.95
Scheppach Basato 7 Bandsaw Blade 20mm 4TPI 73250704 1125mm P5KB# £34.00
Wiha 2850-S2 5NM+SW22 Torque Cable Key Torquefix Size 2 P6GR# £57.00
Stanley 66-211 Fatmax XL Pozi Screwdriver PZ4 x 200mm P6EQ# £6.00
271-Piece Crimping Plier Tool Set D00369 P4NN# £12.00
Yu-Power Yuasa Motorcycle Battery Charger 12v 900ma YPC09A12MC P5UI# £17.00
DURATOOL D00200 SOCKET SET Reversible Ratchet, 1/4" & 3/8" 40 Piece R2KJ# £17.00
Chemtronics Lead Free 250mL Bottle, Peelable Solder Mask CLF8E P6AB# £12.00
Dronco U3 Perfect Building Materials Universal Cutting Disc 300mm 20mm P5VE# £21.75
Draper Expert 200mm Adjustable Stillson Pipe Wrench 30mm Capacity 78915 S2AG# £8.75
Draper 250mm Adjustable Stillson Pipe Wrench 25mm Jaws Width 17184 P6HA# £6.75
New 110v 16a Site Inspection Lamp Light with Grip 5M Q3JW# £11.75
Osborn 2608151 M14 Steel Wire Cup Brush, Silver/Blue Twist Knot 65mm T3TW# £4.75
500W Twin Halogen Lamp Work Site Light + Adjustable Tripod Stand 110V F1EX £29.95
16 x Wooden Timber Setting Out Stake Pegs 40 x 40 x 1500mm F5MQ £19.95
Defiance Tools Multi Hand Saw Metal, Plastic, Wood Soft Grip V1GD# £6.00
6-Piece Precission Screwdriver Set Duratool PS-K060 R2AT# £4.00
Wiha System 4 Hex Socket Nut Driver Blade 5mm 26947 T3NA# £5.00
Anti Spill Containment Sump/Drip Tray For 25 Litre Drums Q5QA# £28.95
Carter Shocksafe 78" 10kg Insulated Professional Pipe Breaker F1AA# £53.00
New 54" Professional Fully Insulated Pipe Breaker BS8020 Cert 10KG M6DZ# £14.95
Wiha 269-12 Phillips PH0 PH1 Reversible Screwdriver Blade 120mm T3EY# £8.95
Wiha 269-11 Phillips PH000 PH00 Reversible Screwdriver Blade 120mm T4SG# £8.95
300mm Long Handled Heavy Duty Scraper Hand Tool M3EW# £2.95
Draper Expert 250mm ½" Square Drive Quick Release Reversible Ratchet 51963 V2XA# £26.95
Draper Expert 68148 Pipe Cutter 22mm Diameter Plumbing Aid T6BT# £9.75
18m Roll Anti Slip Safety Grip Tape 25mm Black Self-Adhesive S1AN# £11.95
600mm Asphalt Dial Thermometer With Handles 0-400°C P3WW# £83.95
Bosch Self Cut Speed Flat Wood Drill Bit 16mm x 152mm 2608595487 T4JE# £2.95
Job Lot 14 x Lockfast 6" Drop Scraper For Use With Lockfast Rods N1FY# £13.95
Dronco 300mm x 20mm Superior U4 Universal Masonary Cutting Disc T4BT# £16.75
10m x 50mm Roll Red/White Reflective Self Adhesive Vinyl Tape A2AU# £8.95
JSP VS3500 GW5 Gas Welding Goggles Green PVC Eye Protection V4VB# £3.00
Svelt V3 Heavy Duty Pro Fibreglass Combination Ladder 10-Rung 3-Section REX1 £199.95
5000 x Rexel No.18 Staples 24/8 Acco 40-Sheet Capacity P4FB# £5.00
Duratool Heavy Duty Rivet Gun Pop Riveter D00224 + 4 Tips 75 Rivets T2VA# £3.95
Showtec Compact Half Coupler SWL 50kg Truss Clamp M5BD# £6.49
2-Power PTN0050A 12V 2Ah Replacement for Makita 6911HDW Q4EY# £17.00
2-Power PTH0033A 12v 2.2ah Replacement Battery for Bosch B2300 R2KT# £17.00
27 Piece Precision Ratchet Screwdriver Socket Set Pro`sKit SD-2318M R1AT# £26.00
325mm Mitre Block Saw Guide 45° & 90° Angles 100mm Height P3ZB# £4.65
5000 x DeWalt Galvanised Brad Nails 18ga x 30mm P5GK# £6.65
Job Lot 600 x Spax Universal Zinc Yellow Screws Pozi 3.5 x 35mm P5UR# £16.00
Hama Camera Spirit Level Bubble Level + Cover 00005413 V3GA# £8.50
Weller 4.7mm Hot Blow Nozzle Soldering Iron Tip WPT0152 V3CB# £10.00
WIHA 302 Slot Slotted Screw Driver 3mm 0.5 x 3.0 x 80 V3CA# £3.95
2 x Lightweight Staple Gun + 1000 x 6mm, 1000 x 8mm Staples Stapler S2FX# £3.75
250mm Wood Working Block Plane Shaver P2BY# £6.75
PTX Universal 85mm Round HSS Multi Tool Saw Blade P6BQ# £4.00
Trend 2-Flute Straight TCT Router Cutter ½" Shank 12.7 x 25mm P3TJ# £4.95
Zinc Plated Garden Gate Lock Set Suffolk Latch, Hinges & Bolt Pack M6ET# £6.95
Pointed Wood Cutting Bow Hand Saw Verve 21" (53cm) M4HY# £5.50
New Makita Pro Drill Bit + Accessory 150 Piece Tool Kit + Case M6FZ# £23.95
Flexipads 225mm Bonnet Support Pad M14 FLE40310 P4DA# £10.00
Job Lot 175 x Snow Shovel Brush Scraper Sets, 3-in1 Multi-Tool Spade Kits P-256 £749.95
16-Piece Mechanics Punch/Chisel Set D00156 V2FG# £8.95

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