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Approx. 2500 TufFast Self Tapping Masonry Concrete Anchor Screws M6x70mm+Washers £499.95
Centurion S615 9" Face Screen Shield Triacetate Green 5 Welding Cutting T3FS# £12.00
50x Norton Laser 1200 Multi-Purpose Concrete Cutting Blade Disc 125mm 5" R2TQ# £174.95
Wiha 26027 Precision Slotted Screwdriveer 2.5 x 100mm M4AAW# £7.95
24-Piece ½" Drive Socket Set 10-24mm Metric + 3/8" -15/16" Imperial Q2LW# £17.00
Magnetic Pick-Up Retrieval Tool with Release D03148 R2PK# £14.00
Wiha 334 Allen Wrench with Cross T-Handle Hex Screwdriver 4 x 150mm T3EE# £3.99
Alden 3719P X-OUT Industrial Series Damaged Screw Remover Kit Set P5UO# £7.95
Velleman VTSDIP7 Professional Repair Kit For iPhone 5/6 240V Multicolored V4CM# £3.50
Job Lot of 2x Kemper Group Oxygas Tip 70LT/H For Torches 0.80 Dia T5BP# £12.95
Job Lot of 2x 271-Piece Crimping Plier Tool Set D00369 P4NN# £14.95
Sip Airmate Hurricane 06249 Oil Free Air Compressor 24L 1.5hp (+Faults) R2CZ# £79.95
Job Lot of 8x Wiha System 4 Hex Socket Nut Driver Blade 5mm 26947 T3NA# £29.95
Anti Spill Containment Sump/Drip Tray For 25 Litre Drums Q5QA# £24.95
Job Lot 19 Wiha 269-12 Phillips PH0 PH1 Reversible Screwdriver Blade 120mm T3EY# £59.95
Job Lot 23x Wiha 269-11 Phillips PH00 Reversible Screwdriver Blade 120mm T4SG# £59.95
Bosch Self Cut Speed Flat Wood Drill Bit 16mm x 152mm 2608595487 T4JE# £2.95
Job Lot 58x JSP VS3500 GW5 Gas Welding Goggles Green PVC Eye Protection V4VB# £149.95
Job Lot 5x Duratool Heavy Duty Rivet Gun Pop Riveter + 4 Tips 75 Rivets T2VA# £24.95
WIHA 302 Slot Slotted Screw Driver 3mm 0.5 x 3.0 x 80 V3CA# £3.95
2 x Lightweight Staple Gun + 1000 x 6mm, 1000 x 8mm Staples Stapler S2FX# £4.00
250mm Wood Working Block Plane Shaver P2BY# £6.00
Trend 2-Flute Straight TCT Router Cutter ½" Shank 12.7 x 25mm P3TJ# £4.95
Zinc Plated Garden Gate Lock Set Suffolk Latch, Hinges & Bolt Pack P4UY# £6.00
Job Lot 175 x Snow Shovel Brush Ice Scraper Sets, 3-in1 Multi-Tool Spade Kits £499.99
Job Lot 67 x Spare Tip for Soldering Iron D00803-B8-1 0.5mm U4IE# £49.95
33 Piece Security Screwdriver Bit Set Tamper-Proof Torq Hex Tri-Wing -Qty Choice £4.95
Cutters Side HD 125mm T3773DF-115 C6PD# £46.95
10 x 12-Way Terminal Blocks Strips Connectors P5SC# £12.00
Advanced PACE - 1124-2008-P1 - Soldering TIP, REMOVAL, QFP 64/80/100/128, A8AA# £24.95
20 x Sealed Double Break Button Micro Switch TE Connectivity 1478380-01 Q1AC# £12.95
100 x Do Not Touch Signs 77 x 160mm Electrical Safety Lockout Tags R1JC# £14.95
10 x Do Not Touch Signs 77 x 160mm Electrical Safety Lockout Tags R1JA# £3.95
Saxby IZON Indoor 50W Wall Spot Light Lamp Fitting + Bulbs N1KA# £7.50
Pack 40 Heavy Duty Tower Oval Conduit 16mm x 9mm x 2m White, 80m, F1GE £12.95
Norton Laser 1200 Multi-Purpose Concrete Cutting Blade Disc125mm 5" R2TQ# £3.00

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