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Field Gate Double Strap Hinge Set For 3" Wide Gates 460mm 18" P3XF# £13.75
10kg Bag Magic Ice Melt Granules Snow Melting Path Clearing P5DZ# £13.00
20W LED Slimline Floodlight Cool White with Adjustable Wall Mount T3QK# £7.75
Set of 4 Candy Cane LED Path Lights Indoor/Outdoor Garden Use LV161495R Q1DA# £14.00
Verve Large Steel Drum Lawn Roller R2PB# £34.00
Job Lot 28 x Garden Outdoor Wall Mounted Light E27 IP44 Lamps PEL00824 P-570# £199.95
Elho 10L Corsica Garden Wheeled Flower Door Stopper Planter Pot - 3 Colours £9.95
Heavy Duty Resin Whiskey Barrel Wooden Effect Planter Pot 15" 39cm Diameter Q1CH £7.95
Job Lot 35 x 50g Organic Plant Rooting Powder Pet Friendly Formula Q2QL# £63.75
10w Oval Super Slim LED Floodlight in White - TFOS10WLEDW A2NY# £11.95
10W SMD Slim LED Floodlight HK-LB500A By Pro-Elec A6NA# £4.95
100W LED Slimline Floodlight Daylight White Ultra Bright 10000 Lm B1LZ# £23.95
Job Lot Approx. 131 x Blooma BBQ Stainless Steel Spatulas Serrated Edge V1QA# £68.95
Pro Elec 10W IP65 Slim LED Floodlight 680lm PEL00264 A6IZ# £5.95
10W LED PIR Floodlight - Black PEL00274 A1UY# £10.95
10W LED Floodlight V-FL-10W IP65 Rated A4JX# £6.95
Sylvania 9W Low Energy Downlight Brush Steel Fire - Rated 2426344 M1SC# £11.95
1.75kg Polycell Polyfilla External Waterproof Easy Mix Filler S1BP# £4.75
Securit Heavy Duty Discus Stainless Steel Padlock 90mm P6BM# £9.95
280mm/11" Premium Deck/Patio Scrub Brush Head - Red M2RZ# £9.95
Enduramat Grass Protection HPPE Moulded Mat 80T Load Vehicles Diggers Colours £89.95
Anti Spill Containment Sump/Drip Tray For 25 Litre Drums Q5QA# £28.95
2 x Pairs Of ESKI Vibration Reducing Heavy Duty Leather Work Gloves N3OZ# £6.95
Steel Wall Mounted Cigarette Ashtray Ash Bin Outdoor Smoking Office Pub Bar P508 £12.00
50W RGB Coloured LED Outdoor Security Floodlight + Remote Control PEL00283 T3NH# £32.00
Sylvania Linolite 4W LED Downlight Fire Rated Chrome Finish M2AP# £11.00
1L Ronseal Hardwood Garden Furniture Protection Oil - Oak S7JC# £8.75
12"/300mm Monkey Tail Bolt Garage Door Shed Gate Bolt M2HZ# £7.95
10 x 200mm/8" Foot Bolt For Shed/Garage Door M5DD# £24.00
Karcher Universal Hose End Connector Plus With Aqua Stop 1/2"-3/4" S5HY# £3.75
2 x Karcher Universal Hose Pipe Tap Adapter & Reducer 3/4" or 1/2" N2JB# £2.75
Karcher Universal Hose Mender/Joining Coupler 1/2",5/8",3/4" Garden Hoses P1DB# £1.95
10 KG Verve Fish, Blood & Bone General Purpose Plant Food M1FZ# £8.75
XQ1161 10W LED Energy Saving Outdoor Floodlight - Adjustable M4BE# £8.00
Gardman Premium Flip Top Suet Feast Wild Garden Bird Feeder V4RZ# £4.00
Waterproof Poly Woven Tarpaulin Groundsheet Tarp Cover Eyelets 3.9 x 4.9m S2MY# £4.00
Outdoor Garden Designer Wind Spinner - Sun Face 250mm P3SW# £11.70
Florence 100 Solar Powered Blue LED Outdoor Garden Lights 1.4m N4EC# £8.95
New 30W LED PIR Outdoor Security Light Floodlight 2100 Lumens M1KZ# £11.95
Outdoor Waterproof Garden Furniture Rectangular Cover W110 x L190 x H60cm S4BY# £6.95
Zinc Plated Garden Gate Lock Set Suffolk Latch, Hinges & Bolt Pack M6ET# £6.95
Job Lot 175 x Snow Shovel Brush Scraper Sets, 3-in1 Multi-Tool Spade Kits P-256 £749.95
Heavy Duty 145L Wheeled Toy Tool Storage Plastic Box L94 x W52 x H45cm F-3920 £19.95
Blooma Adelaide Rectangular 160 x 100cm Garden Patio Table 6-Seater F-3676 £29.95
Job Lot 7 x Rechargeable 24-LED Camping Lantern Light + Remote (+ faults) M4FJ# £29.95
Large Outdoor Waterproof BBQ Barbeque Cover W162xD90xH90cm A5JP# £9.00
Snow Shovel Brush Scraper Spade Set, Xmas Christmas Stocking Filler P-256# £6.95
White Wall Light IP44 Die-Cast Aluminium Body E27 240v Pro-Elec 8011 P5DY# £68.95
2 x 4 Litre Cool Bags Lunch Bag Camping Or Picnic Cool Bag Green R1HA# £1.95
2 x Kleeneze Gardening Outdoor Cleaning Working Apron Protector Green A5QY# £1.95

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