Display and Notice Boards

Item Product Price
Paperflow Filario 24 x A4 Mobile Literature Display Stand Grey PMF24C.35 N4MA# £104.95
Lightweight Display Stand Green PSDD-GN + Carry Case N6PC# £144.00
Franken EL-FC31 Xtraline Mobile Flipchart Easel 105 x 68cm F1AA £49.95
Internal Use Glazed Display Case (W)93cm x (H)87cm F1MC £39.95
Legamaster 7-106350 Board-Up Frameless Magnetic Whiteboard Panel 75 x 50cm M5BZ# £60.00
Rocada Skin Magnetic Frameless Whiteboard 115 x 75cm RD-6420R N5FB# £64.00
Paperflow 5-Shelf Wide Mobile Literature Display Stand 255N.01 N6QF# £100.00
Nobo Classic Blue Felt Office/Warehouse Noticeboard 180 x 120cm F7AY# £90.95
Nobo Prestige Extending Arm For Use with Nobo Prestige Board S7HC# £7.00
Durable 4808/23 Information Sign for Door and Wall Q2LY# £17.00
Perspex Retail Display Tray + 6 x Dividers 90x1230x450mm + POS Data Strip V5AB# £44.00
Paperflow Filario A4 Wall Mount Literature Letter Display, Fifteen Pocket N5QZ# £43.95
Franken Pin Board/Notice Board X-tra!Line 120 x 120cm Red F1XA# £32.95
Paperflow Wall Mounted 5 Pocket 1/3-A4 / DL Leaflet Display Unit 4062.01 T6FY# £18.95
Clear Acrylic Sign Holder Desktop Display 300 x 420mm P5JC# £19.00
Nobo Desktop Display A4 210 x 297mm Aluminium/Glass 1902342 N2HJ# £11.95
Nobo Piranha Mobile Magnetic Flipchart Easel 1901920 N5FW# £93.95
Bi-Office Mastervision Outdoor Locking Magnetic Display Case 12 x A4 V5AA# £53.95
Franken X-Tra Line Portable Projector Screen 1800 x 1350mm Home Cinema S1JA# £140.00
Nobo EuroPlus Grey Tuffboard Noticeboard Notice Board 120x190cm - 31133494 A2MI# £63.95
Nobo Classic 1200 x 900mm Blue Felt Noticeboard Aluminium Frame 1900916 N6EX# £29.00
Bi-Office 150 x 120cm Mobile Revolviong Magnetic Whiteboard F-4120 £109.95
Sigel GL230 Artverum Magnatic Glass White Notice Board 180 x 120cm F-4105# £449.95
Aluminium Frame Noticeboard Felt Notice Pin Board 120x180cm, Colour Choice.. £38.95
Deflecto Maxi 4 x A5 Pockets Literature Display Leaflet Holder Grey 53009 P-278# £11.95
Mobile Multipurpose Office Display Divider Notice Board Grey F1FA# £69.95
A3 A4 Sign Holder A2 A1 Poster Display A-Board Shop Retail Floor Standing Choice £0.99
5 Shelf Mobile Literature Brochure Magazine Display Unit A4 35mm Lip N7AD# £105.00
Paperflow Slimline Curved 6 Compartment A4 Literature Display 289.01 Q4RB# £34.95
Safco Reveal 5601CL 1/3 A4 24-Pocket Literature Leaflet Display N6EZ# £89.95
A4 Folding Literature Exhibition Show Reception Display Stand S5DH# £53.75
Paperflow 4/5 Pocket Wall Mountable DL 1/3 A4, A5 & A4 Literature Holder Display £9.99
ALBA Wall Mounted Pocket Literature Display 1/3 A4, A5, A4 - Black, Silver £16.95
Paperflow 4-Shelf Mobile Literature Display Unit 1685 x 380 x 382mm N4QC# £194.00
Snapmaster A2 Aluminium Snap Frame For Poster Picture Photo Notice Advert A4SA# £13.95
Job Lot of 12x No Smoking Sign Smoke-Free Legal Ban A3 420x297mm Plastic A4JK# £23.95
Internal Glazed Case Literature Display Case 670 x 815 (6 x A4) 3440402 S3LB# £18.95
90x120cm Non-Magnetic Dry-Wipe Whiteboard Wooden Frame, T9EC £14.95
2 x Security Snap Clip Frame Openeing Lever Tool A3JY# £1.95
Job Lot 10x Clear Acrylic Retail Shop POS Product Leaflet Display Holder T3QC# £24.95
Legamaster Professional Magnetic Drywipe Whiteboard 120 x 180cm +Fault F-7233 £27.95
Deflecto A3 Floor Standing Sign Holder Bevel Magnetic Cover 165145 N1MA# £29.00
Legamaster Felt Noticeboard Blue Notice Pin Board, 900 x 1200mm - 301554 Q1FG# £53.95
4 x 1/3 A4 Portrait Leaflet Dispenser Counter Standing Display Holder T2HY# £14.95
Job Lot 12 Clear Acrylic POS Sign/Menu/Photo Display Stand Holder 20 x 21cm P2SZ £24.00
6 x A4 Clear Perspex Angled Tabletop Menu Advertising Sign Holder T2CX# £21.95
Home Office Aluminium Frame Felt Pin Notice Board 600x900mm Green A9JZ# £18.95
Legamaster 2000 x 1000mm Mobile Whiteboard Revolver Frame Only, F1FD# £35.95
Job Lot 20x Bi-Office Dry Wipe Whiteboard Message Memo Board + Pen 60x40cm P-282 £29.95
Legamaster Accents Grid Magnetic Whiteboard 90x60cm Dry Wipe Board 1033-43 N1PB# £28.95
Display Screen Equipment Training Sign Hard Plastic Sign SETON STWC2, A4CZ# £4.95
5 x Snap Frame Picture Poster Retail Display Aluminium Frame 896 x 843mm, P-512# £28.95
Legamaster 1200mm Legaline Professional Double Rail System 310500 RRP £129 V5AD# £18.95
Whiteboard Starter Kit 4 x Pens, Cleaner, 8 x Magnets, Eraser, 3434904, T5FZ# £6.95
8 x 3M Self Stick Flipchart Easel Pads 635 x 762mm 30 Sheets / Pad 559RP, B1FA# £23.95
Interactive Whiteboard AV Connection Wallplate & 5m Cables USB VGA Phono S5FY# £19.95
Durable 4847 Crystal Door Sign Banner 210 x 210mm T2GH# £9.95
Smoking Area Sign 300 X 400mm 1mm Rigid Plastic T5XZ# £1.45

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